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10 Best Lipsticks to Buy This Summer

Summer is already there it seems if we look at the global warming scenario closely. Anyway, we are not here to discuss the weather. What we’re here to talk is about the lipsticks. I know how much you love lipsticks. And no matter how many you ‘already’ have in your vanity, you have still none to wear. So for all those lipstick-loving-ladies, here’s a complete list of lipstick brands and shades which will suit any Indian skin tone this summer.

1. MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick
Hands down, this is ladies favourite lipstick brand as we already know. This is the perfect shade of pink for casual occasions. With the great staying power and ultimate creamy texture are what every pair of lips long for. You can’t go wrong if you chose this lipstick for your dinner date.

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2. Chambor Pink Devil Powder Matte Lipstick
These powder matte lipsticks are heaven for those who love matte. There’s a good range of shade for every color in this brand. You can have any color you want with this brand without having to move to the non-matte lipsticks. This shade is somewhat blue-shade pink. The texture is ultra-rich and creamy. The texture is so thick that one stroke of this lipstick is enough to cover your lips.

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3. Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Red
This lipstick is cherished by most of the make-up-loving divas as the texture of this lipstick is ultra-rich yet lightweight. Being lightweight, the color is so intense that it doesn’t require another stroke to cover the lips completely. Plus, it hydrates the lips without making it flaky. It stains the lips which remain intact up to 6-8 hours. And the best part is that it comes with SPF 12 and it’s summers!

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4. Maybelline Fuchsia Lip Gradation
Color stick is present at the one end of the stick which gives an intense pop of color while at the other end there’s a cushion blender to give a sexy graded look. Apply the color to the middle of the lower and upper lip and blend it using the cushion blender. You can use the matte lip liner to give it a more defined look.

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5. Estee Lauder Defiant Coral Pure Color Envy Lipstick
This lipstick is one of the new Sculpting Lipsticks from Estee Lauder. They got their name ‘Sculpting’ as the multi-faceted pigments in the lipstick provide more defined and shaped look to the lips. It provides full coverage to the lips for 6 hours of time. Although this lipstick is bit pricey, but you can surely go for it for a special occasion as it keeps your lips hydrated throughout the day.

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6. L’Oréal Raspberry Syrup Moist Matte Lipstick
You’ll definitely love the packaging of this lipstick. There are original Swarovski studded on its case. The shade of raspberry syrup is a bright pink one with a hint of fuchsia. The texture of the lipstick is like that of regular matte one with a feather light feel. One swipe is enough to give you a well-sculpted pair of lips. It sticks around for 4-5 hours. The only drawback about this lipstick is that it breaks when it comes in contact with direct sunlight. So you have to carry a different in your handbag.

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7. Lakme Absolute Matte Pink Glam Lipstick
The color is bright enough to give a nice sculpting effect to your lips. The color is long staying as it stays intact for almost a day. The shade is too bright which is perfect for special occasions or the brides to be. This shade is not suitable for college or office. Anyone with a skin tone ranging from fair to dusky can don this shade with confidence. Despite being an ultra-matte lipstick, this one doesn’t dry out your lips. You can apply more swipes to intensify your look but one stroke is enough to color your lips.

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8. Revlon Kiss Me Coral Super Lustrous Lipstick
This range has been there in the market for quite long now, so still it is considered to be one of the best till now. You can skip the lip balm when you’re applying this lipstick. So the texture of this lipstick is amazing. A little eye make-up and this lipstick are enough to glamify your look. Dusky skin girls won’t like the shade, though. So try the shade before buying it. The pigment of the lipstick is very intense. It imparts beautiful coral shade to the lips with just one swipe.

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9. NARS Silvia Audacious Lipstick
The formula is a bit creamy so it glides smoothly on lips without tugging on the lips or leaving patches behind. They are fragrance and taste free which makes it stand-out of the rest of the lipstick. It’s a perfect for those who are sensitive to taste and smell. This color is also defined as ‘Radiant Orchid’ which stays for almost 6-7 hours without bleeding or wearing off.

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10. Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-definition Matte Lipstick Tangerine Lush
Tangerine Lush is a bright orange color with a hint of red in it. This shade comes with no shimmer or sheen. It is a perfect shade for summer and an absolute joy for those who love orange. It brightens up your face with just one stroke on your lips. And the best part is, it is suitable for all skin tones. The texture is outré luxurious with a matte finish. It is soft but not extra creamy. So no need to worry about bleeding! There you have it!

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