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10 Challenges Women Face With Lipsticks

Lip colours have always been at the top of a make-up list of a woman, it makes us look more ravishing and elegant. These days the lipsticks come in different shades and styles, so one can always mix and match it with the dress and get set for that chic look. There is a huge range of colours like hot pink, crimson, classic red, nude shades and what not that we can choose from. But is carrying a lipstick for the whole day that easy? Well, I am sure many of you beautiful women would agree with the following challenges that one has to face with lipstick.

1. Having Meals at Office: Having burgers, rolls, sandwiches or puffs becomes a tough task to manage as one cannot eat it properly with the lipstick still over the lips. We always have to be conscious and it kind of becomes awkward too at times while sitting over an office table and the lipstick gets off with the food.

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2. Kisses: You boyfriend might surely find you too hot and appealing with amazing shades of lipsticks, but the irony is that the make-outs become too tough with lip colours. Even the same scene continues with your friends as now the cheek kisses turn into flying kisses with them too.

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3. Touch Up: Whatever might the quality of your lip colour be, the truth behind them is that you have to re-apply it at least once in a day. You always get nervous and anxious about your lipstick before every meeting and rush to washroom for re- application.

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4. Trial Room: With your lipstick on, dealing with clothes in the trial room becomes rocket science. One thing is for sure either you would leave an imprint of the lips over the clothes or spoil it with your hair.

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5. Loose Caps and your Hand bag: If you are going out for an excursion or to your office, you will have to carry a lip shade in your handbag and God save you if it has a loose cap. The cap is surely going to be misplaced with all the other stuff of yours and a lot of your effort will be lost in finding it.

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6. Drinking Coffee: One can- not have a sip of coffee freely from the coffee mug. Either you will always be frightened of not leaving any smear over the glass or have to carry a tissue paper with you to wipe the lipstick marks

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7. Fear of having it over your teeth: I am sure many of you girls would agree to this with me. We constantly fear it having over our teeth as it not only ruins the gorgeous smile but also makes the scene a bit awkward.

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8. Searching the appropriate Lip Liner: The markets are flooded with dozens of lip colours and it becomes really difficult to choose a lip colour that goes right with the lip liner.

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9. A day without lipstick: If you constantly wear it and one day you forget to apply it, then people will tease you and consider you sick and unfortunately you will have to answer so many questions.

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10. Carrying a Baggage: Since you might need your lip colour at any time for re-application, so you have to carry a bag every time now. Moreover the lip liner and tissues come in addition to the lip stick so you can- not just avoid carrying a hand bag.

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Despite all the issues, we continue applying the gorgeous lip shades as they not only make us look like a diva but it also enhances the personality and builds confidence too.

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