10 Lessons Bahubali Has Taught Us About Human Relationships

Did you ever wonder the reason behind the craze, India has over the Bollywood Blockbuster Bahubali? The answer is simple yet deep. They connected with the film’s emotions and the lessons that this movie has taught us about the human relations.

Everything we do or say is all about the feelings and the connection that we share with other humans. It is the positive and the negative thoughts that we dwell throughout our lives. Even though human relations can be kept simple and friendly, yet our greed and ego ruin the beauty of it.

Here are a few life lessons that this amazing movie has taught us to embrace, to have healthy and happy relations among others.

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1. Women Must Have The Right To Choose Their Partners

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The beginning of all the problems was when Shivagami forcibly tried to tie the knot of his greedy son with Devasana, without even giving her a chance to know him.

This one is for the parents, who tries to get their daughters married to someone unknown and new to them, that too forcibly, against their consent and happiness.

2. Ego Is The Destructive Weapon Of Relationships

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Though Shivagami was a wise woman, but when ego clouded her mind, she cut off her relations with her son and daughter-in-law, without even blinking an eye!

What we learned from this is that ego only destroys relationships.

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3. Nothing Else Matters When Justice Is The Side To Choose

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Even Bahubali took the side of the justice and not his wife or mother when they had a heated argument in the movie!

Which teaches us that no matter what the consequences are, you must always stick to the side of what’s right, and not some person.

4. Compassion & Love Builds A Strong Relationship, Not Power

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Even after the death of Bahubali, people applauded for him, in the ruling kingdom of Bhallaladeva. This was the symbol of Bahubali’s love and compassion for the people of his kingdom, and a proof that no power or wealth can earn a good place in the heart of others.

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5. Negative People Always Poison Positive Minds

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Staying away from negative people might be a little difficult at the time, especially when they are your family, but getting carried away by their poisonous words can be dangerous and harmful for our relations.

This is exactly why Shivagami ordered Bahubali’s death sentence because she got trapped in the trap of her poisonous husband and son.

6. Women Always Proves To Be The Better Rulers

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The kingdom was happier at the ruling time of Shivagami, but as soon as the greedy Bhallaladeva took over, the glory of the kingdom was lost!

This proves that women are better rulers and they should be allowed to take up the jobs that they can handle easily.

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7. Power’s Greed Makes Even Good People Brutal

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Power can make you do things that end with either blood shedding or broken relations, forever! Misery, backstabbing and tragedies are all that is left when power overtakes the love and compassion in a relationship.

Bhallaladeva’s greed for ruling the kingdom for himself destroyed everyone and everything that came in his way!

8. Sibling Rivalry Can Even Lead To War

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It is okay to have a healthy competition amongst siblings, but when it becomes more than just a competition and turns up into a rivalry, then it only leads to war.

This story is about the sibling war, for power, for love and for the family, where the weak brother falls and the wrong one gets to live, to suffer and die later for his sins.

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9. Never Keep Blind Faith In Anyone

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Always study the intentions of the people around you before trusting them. And never put a blind faith in any human, for they might back-stab you one day in the name of your own good.

Even a powerful hero like Bahubali couldn’t escape the backstabbing from the one he trusted the most!

10. ‘You Reap What You Sow’ Is So Much True

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This movie has proven that the saying is no lesser than a truth that every human must except as soon as possible. If you intend to do wrong with other, then your sins will make you pay back someday. What you did to others might happen the same to you and your own cruel deeds will be the end of you!

Even Bhallaladeva couldn’t escape his bad karmas and got punished in the end.

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Remembering the story of Bahubali, you must now have understood the importance and the morals that human relations serve in our lives. And how important it is for us to maintain healthy and positive relations with the ones close to us.

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