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10 Offbeat Destinations to Blow Your Mind

India is a hub of destinations filled with serenity and beauty. Well, it’s all god’s grace that you get to see a variety of places over here; there is variety of rich cultures and traditions residing at one space. You will be surprised to know that there are certain number of places that are surrounding with mystical instincts in this country. People visit this place to grab an eye on the most fascinating nooks which will definitely make your jaw drop. Discovering enormous holds that are unseen and beautiful actually need that much of guts in you. It’s an absolute heaven on earth you will be feeling from your core, having an expedition like this is worth something that is very magical and unimaginable. Certain places are located at different ends, here is the list of places that will carry you to an unknown journey.

Chopta, Uttarakhand: It is a village in Uttarakhand, which has amazing scenic beauty.

choptaImage Source:http://mayadeepchopta.com/

Moorang, Himachal Pradesh: This is located in the Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh.

himachal pradeshImage Source:https://i.ytimg.com/

Phugtal, Jammu and Kashmir: Phugtal Monastery or you can say Phugtal Gompa is situated in Ladakh.

phugtalImage Source:http://lh4.ggpht.com/

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary: This is a place located 32 km from Bikaner. There is a variety of animals and a lake too, which looks absolutely stunning.

gajnerImage Source:http://www.theearthsafari.com/

Swami Malai, Tamil Nadu: It is a small panchayati town near Kombakonam.

swami malaiImage Source:http://static.panoramio.com/

Valneshwar Beach, Maharashtra: It’s a very beautiful place and a must visit if you are going to Maharashtra.

valenshwarImage Source:https://www.google.co.in

Moodbidri, Karnataka: It’s a town in Dakshina Kanada district.

kannadImage Source:http://images4.mygola.com/

Ukhrul, Manipur: it is a district in the north eastern part of Manipur.

ukhrul_districtImage Source:http://www.mapsofindia.com/

Askot, Uttarakhand: It’s a small Himalayan town in Pittoragarh district of Uttarakhand.

UttarakhandImage Source:http://4.bp.blogspot.com/

Mattupetty, Kerela: It’s a famous hilltown in Munnar, Idduki, Kerela.

Kerala9Image Source:http://myholidaytrip.com/

These places are fabulous in their own way and a must visit. These places carry their own identity with certain elements. The mesmerizing environment that includes cold breeze flowing and clouds surrounding the hills with a dusky alluring substance is marvelous to watch. People like to have more information about these places that are much unknown but have a very beautiful hidden instinct in it.

They want to escape into such places for over a period of time and want to scrutinize more about it. These are very interesting to see and is also informative, it can consist anything like seashores, lush green fields with a waterfall or a monument that is very ancient and is going on since the pre-historic period. At times it’s a bit dangerous but in all it’s a great idea to visit these places.

A refreshment and rejuvenation is needed in your life, after all you need a break from this polluted surrounding and get into a peaceful place. I think the best idea is to visit such places at least once or twice in your lifetime. As this can be memorable in all ways. So go for it to scout more and more, but at your own risk.


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