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10 Sure Shot Ways to Reduce Hair Fall

Now if you know that you’re not going through just an ordinary hair fall, you need to do something about it. You might be wondering what to do to stop this menacing phenomenon. And that’s what we are here for. Not to scare you out, but to save you from the disaster to happen. Here are some tested tips that can reduce your hair fall considerably.

What Can You Do About It?

1. Show Some Love to Your Hair:
Your hair has been doing a lot to enhance your beauty since long. Don’t you think it deserves some love from your side as well? It has been playing a saviour to your scalp since you came to this planet, blessing you with the pretty look you have now. So, having some mercy on them is something which is our responsibility. Don’t throw over extra heat and chemicals on your hair, don’t jump into dying your hair in different colours. You never know what these harmful techniques have in store for your hair. They torture your hair, turning them grey and yes, excessive hair fall too!

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2. Leave Your Hair Alone for Some Time:
Styling your hair for a special occasion is absolutely fine. But mind my statement, occasionally means occasionally, not always. You don’t need to curl or straighten up your hair every time you leave your home for office or college. Let them be whatever they are. The chemicals you put on your hair for styling them and of course, the heat, is not at all good for your hair. Even the tight ponytails or the plaits can be harmful to your hair more than you can imagine. So you better bring them under control. Let your hair loose and breathe in fresh air for some time.

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3. Wash Your Hair Regularly:
You need to wash your hair twice or thrice in a week. Plus, the shampoo you’re using must be free from sulphates and surfactants. Use a mild herbal shampoo. A mild shampoo cleanses of the dirt while nourishing your hair. While washing your hair, don’t rub them against each other. This makes them brittle and weak. Wrap your hair in a wet towel after the wash. Don’t rub them. Just make a note in your mind that the wet hair is most vulnerable.

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4. Eat Healthy:
Your diet reflects a lot of your hair. Yes, we do like to eat a burger or a double cheese burst pizza once in a while. But consumption of these products should be restricted to ‘Once in a while’ only. Eating junk food every now and then will deplete the essential nutrients from your body. Increase the portion of fruits and green leafy veggies in your diet and notice the change in your hair within a week. This is the evergreen mantra to maintain a healthy mane.

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5. Have a Good Night’s Sleep:
Stop burning the midnight oil. And yes, keep that phone away. You might not believe me but late night sleeping can be detrimental to your hair health. Hit the bed by 11 not beyond that. Sleep is required to restore your energy and reduce the stress. And you pretty know how stress takes a toll on your hair.

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6. Exercise Regularly:
A sedentary lifestyle is not good for your body as well as your hair. Get up early and have a walk in fresh air. Make some time for exercise as it improves blood circulation in the body. Blood circulation is one of the determining factors for your hair health.

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7. Meditate:
Meditation is important for your mind as well as your body. It is the best way to reduce stress and promote a balanced life, known to the man. You can watch tutorials online and learn various meditation practices. A bald head will only make you hide under a bed while meditation can boost up your mental health as well as your beauty.

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8. Essential Oils + Good Massage = Healthy Hair:
Our elders have always suggested hair massage before washing our hair. Hair massage improves the blood supply to the hair follicles which is important for hair growth. Invest in some good quality essential oil and mix it with olive or coconut oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp using your fingertips. Do not rub vigorously. This will improve the overall appearance of your hair.

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9. Drink Ample Of Water:
Drinking adequate amount of water is important for your overall health. Sufficient amount of water in the body is required for blood circulation. It detoxifies your body by getting rid of the toxins in your body which might be causing all your hair woes.

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10. Stay Positive:
Don’t stay idle. Because an Empty mind is a devil’s workshop. A mind full of negativity will only pose negative impacts on your hair and body. Negativity absorbs emotions like anger, jealousy, stress, frustration, etc. which have a lot of potentials to destroy you internally as well externally. So a lot of negative thoughts about how your hair looks will only make them worse. Love yourself and just pay some extra attention to your body. Everything will fall into place immediately!

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