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10 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

There is no hiding that all of us envy those big and mesmerizing eyes of Deepika Padukone. But not all of us are blessed with such an enviable set of peeps. Though we should always appreciate what we have but sometimes what we have may fall short of our ideals. In such situation some makeup tricks might come handy in order to enhance the beauty of your eyes and make your eyes look bigger.

Just scroll down and get these worthy tips.

1. Don’t apply eyeliner all the way around the rim of your eyes. When you do so, you create a closed ring or enclosure around your eyes which make your eyes appear even smaller. Instead, use the eyeliner to line your eyes only from the outer corner to the middle of your eye. Also, when you are trying to achieve the big eyes look never apply eyeliner on the waterline, apply it just below the lash line.

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2. Another great way to make your eyes appear bigger without putting a lot of efforts is lining your waterline with a white or neutral colour eyeliner. This trick will give you the illusion of a bigger Sclera (the white part of the eye).

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3. While applying eyeliner, extend it a little further than the size of the eye. This will create the illusion of longer lashes and thus wider eyes. But make sure to be extra precise when trying this trick, as both lines need to be symmetrical.

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4. Putting a white shimmery shadow in the inner corner of the eye instantly brighten up your eyes. Light coloured eyeshadows grab light to that particular part thus giving the illusion of bigger eyes. Make sure to blend the colour a little bit. You want a hazy effect and not into your face look.

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5. Groomed eyebrows can also give the impression of big eyes. All you have to do is pluck the stray hair from your eyebrows. But make sure not to go overboard with plucking. Thinner eyebrows won’t make your eyebrows look bigger.

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6. Curling your lashes makes a huge difference to the personality of your eyes. Curling your lashes make them look more open and awake thus making them appear bigger. In order to get a better curl and hold, warm up your eyelash curler with your blow dryer for a few seconds. Now curl your lashes with is warm eyelash curler; your curl will last longer.

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7. Now that your eyelashes are all prepped up the next step is to apply mascara. This step will add a whole lot of body to the eyes. Apply 2-3 coats of your favourite volumizing mascara, on your top and bottom lashes.

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8. Fuller lashes also give the illusion of bigger eyes. If your eyelashes are naturally small and very sparse, then try using false lashes. These come in various lengths and styles, so you can pick the one that suits your requirement.

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9. The placement of eyeshadows also plays a crucial role in achieving bigger eyes through makeup. If you have a small eyelid or your eyes are hooded, then most probably the crease of your eyes is not visible much. In order to counteract this, you need to create a fake crease. To do this take a brown or taupe matte eyeshadow and create a fake crease above your original crease. This will make your eyelid appear bigger. Also, apply lighter eyeshadows in the inner 2/3 part of the eye in order to get more light in this area.

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10. Also make sure to take care of the general health of your eyes. Swollen or puffy eyes or under eye dark circles can make your eyes appear smaller. In order to avoid this, make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours daily. Too much sodium (salt) may also be the underlying cause of swollen or puffy eyes. Drink plenty of fluids and incorporate exercises in your daily routine to reduce water retention.

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