12 Things You Can Relate If You Look Younger Than Your Age

Looking younger is a boon for girls. But often this boon tags along some drawbacks as well. The never-ending youth is a blessing at times and the other times it’s just another excuse to have a good laughter. If you look younger than you age, you can make out how it feels to be the forever-baby of your family and your friend circle. While you’re trying to find something good in this blessing, go through the list of things that happen to you if you look younger than your age.

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1. You’re tired of repeating your age to people as they don’t believe how old you are. Sometimes, you feel like hanging a placard saying your age, around your

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2. When you go for an A-rated movie, you know that it’s going to be a ruckus when you’re entering the hall. You just don’t look like an adult. What’s their fault?

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3. Your parents tugged you along in trains, zoos, amusement parks, etc. with a half ticket even when you were 16-year-old. It was a mixed feeling. Happiness of not being charged a ticket and the embarrassment of being treated like a baby.

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4. People often ask you in which class you’re studying. Even the kids don’t spare you the embarrassment. You’re a graduate and still people ask you about your SCHOOL!

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5. Kids half as old as you find it no big deal hitting you. And you have to be hit as you cant hit them back. They are kids and you just look like a kid. Sad!

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6. People always ask for your ID at a bar. And you already know while stepping out from your home that it’s not going to be easy.

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7. You Google for hairstyles and makeup tricks that would make you look older than you are. Looking older is your mission impossible while the other girls are trying to look younger and cuter. You just lie on the other end of the spectrum.

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8. You’re treated as a fragile baby of the group. Your friend behave as if you’re made up of glass, prone to breakage. But the fact is, you’re the oldest of the group. IRONY!

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9. The door-to-door sales people avoid you as they think you’re too small to afford things by yourself. This is a blessing, I guess! Sometimes, your parents also use you as a tool to shoo away those pesky salesman on the gate.

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10. People, in order to sympathise with you, tell you how lucky you’re going to be 10 years later for looking younger than your age. And you’re like OH REALLY? :/

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11. And if you’re driving a car, it becomes the foremost duty of the traffic police to pull your car. They are ought to think that this baby girl can’t have a license. You’re a good source of earning for them.

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12. When you go to an amusement park, the authorities are sceptical of you sitting on a roller coaster. So they make you sit next to a much older looking person. Say Uncle or Aunty.

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