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12 Tips To Mattify Oily Skin

Oily skin is anyways very difficult to manage and it gets even worse in summers. No matter what you do to keep your oily skin in check but all your efforts go in vain. To make your life little easier here is the compilation of 12 tips to mattify your oily skin.

1. Cleanse your skin the right way – The first and foremost tip to mattify your oily skin is to start prepping your skin the right way from the beginning. Keep a check on the ingredient list of your cleanser. Look for ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid in your cleanser as these break down the oil from your face without drying it out.

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2. Apply astringent- After cleansing the next step is using an astringent which will close open pores and get rid of the excess oil. Pour out some on a cotton pad and apply it on your face focusing on your t-zone or the area which tend to get oilier. Adding this step to your skincare routine will make sure that your skin stays oil-free for longer. But make sure to avoid those products which have alcohol in them as this can dry out your skin.

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3. Apply a Mattifying primer- For people who have oily skin, a Mattifying primer is their best bet. With oily skin the foundation can start slipping just after some time making the skin look patchy and uneven, thus it is extremely important to use a Mattifying primer before applying your foundation. This will not only make your makeup last longer but will also keep your face shine free for much longer.

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4. Matte foundation- Oily skinned beauties should always go for powder or liquid foundations which also has some Mattifying properties. Look for formulations which are oil free and are specially meant for oily skin. These will make sure that your face stays fresh and oil free all day long.

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5. Use night gels- During summers, instead of using a heavy night cream opt for a light gel based cream which is light on the skin and won’t clog up your pores. Heavy night creams can cause your skin to break out and make it even oilier than before.

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6. Mud face masks- For oily skin, mud face packs are the best. There are a number of mud face packs available in the market which are targeted at treating various skin issues. Pick one which is ideal for the requirement of your skin. If you don’t want to use anything fancy then just go for the humble multani mitti.

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7. Exfoliate your skin- Clogged pores can often lead to oily skin. In order unclog the pores and to make your skin oil-free you need to scrub your face on a regular basis. For oily skin, the best natural scrub is baking soda but you can also use a store-bought scrub as well which has both mechanical as well as chemical exfoliators in it. Just make sure to do it gently and on a regular basis.

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8. Use blotting sheets- If you have oily skin then you must carry a pack of oil blotting sheets with you at all times. When you are out, there are times when you don’t have access to the bathroom so washing your face is out of the box. For such times oil blotting sheets come handy. These sheets are moderately priced and are very convenient to use.

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9. Mattifying concealer- When choosing an under eye concealer, go for a Mattifying one which will control the oil production and keep the under eye area oil free.

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10. Matte eyeshadow- If you have oily eyelids then it is better to use matte eyeshadows as much as possible. Eyeshadow which are shimmery or have a pearl finish to them should be avoided as much as possible as these can make your eyelids look even oilier. Also cream eyeshadows are a big no-no for girls with oily eyelids. Another important thing is to apply an eyeshadow primer prior to any eyeshadow application. This will ensure that your eyeshadow lasts longer while making the colour payoff even better.

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11. Use a makeup fixing spray- In order to keep your face shine free and to set all the makeup products, finish your makeup look with a mattifying makeup setting spray.

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12. Drink water- As we know that the human body comprises of 70% water thus it is very important to consume enough water for the proper functioning of our body. To keep your skin healthy it is very important to drink lots of water throughout the day.

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