12 Unknown Beauty Hacks No One Told You About!

Easy fixes and hacks- who doesn’t love them all? We all need shortcuts in our busy lives. Beauty hacks and beauty tips are all over the internet right now. But there are some beauty hacks which are the least discussed right now. In this post, we’ve gathered some of the least discussed beauty tips and hacks. So, here we go…

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1. While having bath, drop a few green tea bags in the bath tub. This will detox your body and relax your senses. It will replenish your skin with the lost minerals as well.

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2. To get fuller eyelashes, apply a coat of mascara. Then smear some baby powder on your eyelashes using a mascara spoolie. Cover it using 2-3 coats of mascara, again. This will give you thicker looking lashes.

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3. While applying the nail paint, apply the Elmer’s glue around your nails to prevent smudges. After applying the nail paint, peel off the glue. Your manicure will be neatly done without any mess.

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4. When you’re travelling, put a cotton pad between the compact powder and eyeshadow to avoid breakage due to jerks.

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5. Want to zap a zit overnight? Dab some Listerine on your pimple. The alcohol in the Listerine will dry up your pimple and speed up its recovery.

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6. Blow some hot air on your kajal pencil and then apply your eyeliner. This will impart a gel eyeliner like look and your kajal will stay for longer than usual.

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7. Instead of shaving creams, use baby oil to shave your leg. It will provide a smoother surface for your razor to glide on. You can also use a hair conditioner in place of baby oil.

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8. If you’ve cracked your compact powder or eyeshadow, then don’t toss it over in the bin. Instead, use rubbing alcohol to get it back in the shape.

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9. Don’t invest in expensive dry shampoos that are available in the market these days. You can prepare your own at your home. Use 2 tbsp. cornstarch, 2 tbsp. arrowroot powder, 2 tbsp. rice flour and a few drop of an essential oil. Place the mixture in the salt shaker. Sprinkle some on your roots when you need to soak the grease up.

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10. Heat your eyelash curler slightly, then use it to curl your lashes. This will make the curls last longer.

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11. Always have a coconut oil jar in your beauty cabinet. This single product is a one-stop solution to several skin problems. Dry skin or dull hair, coconut oil has the solution for every skin and hair problem.

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12. Use hairspray or aloe vera gel as an eyebrow gel to keep your brows in shape and place. You can also use some petroleum jelly to keep your brows in shape.

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