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13 Amazing Facts About Human Body That Will Blow Your Mind!

The human body is a mystical robot that is designed by none other than the almighty. Do you know that 80% of your brain contains water and it can light a 10-watt bulb? There are many such amazing facts about your own body that will leave your mouth agape with shock. Scroll down to know such incredible facts about your own body.

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1. Humans shed skin! Do you know that the 70-80 percent of the dust in your house contains human skin? There’s nothing to be grossed about. Dust is nothing but human shedding. Humans shed nearly 600,000 particles every hour!

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2. Not as strong as the dog’s smelling power, but humans can remember up to 50,000 fragrances! That’s one hell of an amazing skill we possess!

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3. There are around 32 million bacteria crawling on your face right now! No, don’t get up to wash your face. No matter how much you wash your face, these bacteria are bound to live there.

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4. A human baby has 350 bones while an adult human being contains only 206 bones. So, where did the bones go?

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5. You can survive a couple of weeks without food but not without sleep! Deprivation of sleep can even kill you.

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6. Your stomach lining changes itself in ever 4-5 days. The inner lining is replaced so that you can digest the stronger acids.

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7. Your feet have nearly 50,000 sweat glands. Now you know where is the smell coming from?

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8. Do you know that your sneeze can travel at a speed of 100 miles per hour? This is the reason why our eyes get closed while sneezing, otherwise, they can be thrown out of the socket due to pressure!

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9. You can produce 20,000 litres of saliva in an entire lifetime. It is sufficient to fill several swimming pools.

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10. The 50% of your hand’s strength lies with the little finger!

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11. When you’re born, your brain size is 1/4th of your total length, but as you grow up, it becomes 1/8th!

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12. The facial hair grows faster than any other hair on our body. Many women would hate this fact for sure!

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13. Our eyes change colour after we’re born. They are blue at the time of birth due to the absence of melanin pigment in the iris.

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