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13 Brutally Honest Question Every Girl Wants To Ask Her Future Husband!

Marriage is not the thing which can be turned on and off easily. There are some infinitely valid reasons why people call it ‘Milestone of Life’.

So it is practically logical to know everything from A to Z about your spouse to be, as you are going to spend the rest of your life with that person. Knowing your partner completely is not possible in the case of arranged marriage; where you don’t get sufficient time to analyse the person you’re being hitched to. Here are few questions that every girl wants to ask her future husband but can’t really do as these questions are too bold to ask, apparently.

1. Did you ever have sex before? If yes, with whom?
This is the no-man land between the couples to be married. They both will behave naïve and will not dare to ask this question with the very person they’ll be hooking up with for the rest of their lifetime. Let’s face it and just admit it.

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2. Do you believe in one-night stands? Did you ever have any?
Yes, you’ve got all the right to know. For the person being okay with one night stands might be having some different sets of ideologies than you. And if you’re the one who’ve ever had one, then it becomes even more important for you to know how he will react on it.

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3. Do you find any problem with me wearing any revealing clothes?
You might not believe me but clothes become one of the major issues for picking up fights between couples. There can be chances that he might probably ask you to not to wear short dresses. So it’s better to know about this beforehand.

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4. Do you cook? Or is it just me who’s going to do that?
Most of the men today know how to cook a basic meal. But still there are some men out there who still don’t know how to light a burner. Men who cook make a lot easier for women. So you must be willing to know whether you’re among those lucky girls or not?

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5. Are you fine with me working all my life?
If you’re an ambitious woman you cannot stand quitting your job. So this is cult important for you to know what he thinks about it.

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6. Why are you still single?
This remains a mystery for you. You find him a nice guy and still he never had any relationship. What the reasons might have been?

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7. Do you have any girl best friend? How close are you with her?
You must be willing to know what kind of competition you’re going to have. It’s better to sharpen your knife before stepping on the battlefield. Pun intended!

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8. Do you believe in God?
Believe me or not, this is something which can decide whether you’re going to remain in the ghunghat or not. But this is not always true. Some people who ardently follow their religion doesn’t believe in those orthodox impositions.

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9. Do you still talk to your ex?
This should be asked blatantly. Because being in contact with your past while planning your future with someone else is something which is not acceptable. So an affirmative answer means trouble in paradise!

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10. What is more important? Me or family?
Well, this question do crosses every bride-to-be’s mind, reason is not being that she’s having some evil plans in the back of her mind. But sometimes she’s just testing the water.

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11. Where are we going to live? With your parents or alone?
Admit it or not, living with in-laws has never been easy. So you might be just pulling up your socks before getting into the task. So it is important!

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12. Are you an Alcoholic? Smoker or a Gambler?
This is the question I believe is your right to ask your future husband. Because your spouse’s addiction is not that pretty bad habit which can be ignored with a wink of an eye.

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13. Do you really want to marry me or is it just the pressure by your family?

That’s the most difficult one. But this really needs to be answered, for you to know where you stand in his life. If the answer is in the, either way, you have to prepare yourself for creating some place in his heart.

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