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13 Shocking Disclosures About Women Smoking In India!

Just a few months back in December we got to hear from our lawmakers in Parliament that cigarette smoking is dipping sharply in India that number of sticks puffed in 2015 were 10 billion less than 2012. But with this good news, lawmakers also warned the people of this nation that after the USA, India is the second country with highest female smokers.

According to our lawmakers, women smokers in India went up from 5.3 million in 1980 to 12.7 million in 2012. This is increasing the worries of the administration of the country and they have not yet able to find out the reason behind it. Though they are not leaving any stone unturned to aware people about the harmful effects of smoking.

Even the images of diseased lungs and hearts are not able to terrify the soft hearts of Indian girls. Have their hearts become such tender or there is some other cause behind it, let us dig out the reasons today.

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Before starting our process of digging out the reasons, we want to tell all those girls who have become chain smokers either because of fake pleasure, show off or stress that WHO has sent a warning to them. “In 2015 more than five million people were killed by cigarette smoking in 2015 and up to 2030, it is going to kill over one billion people worldwide,” WHO data reveal.

Now it is up on your choice that you want to add or decrease a number to this list because if you will continue smoking, then your death is confirmed anytime up to 2030.

It is not that government or WHO is not taking any measures to aware girls about harmful benefits of smoking. From 2010, a theme initiated to aware women and girls how smoking can be more harmful to them than men is being observed every year but seems of no avail.

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As a parent, you have learned about some common trends, how girls pick up the smoking habit.

  1.  Various studies have confirmed that most girls start smoking when they are teenage particularly ninth and tenth standard girls when their adolescence period remains at peak.
  2.  Some girls are dragged towards smoking habit because they think it is the part of fashion and modern day life. Studies have shown that some girls imitate boys to show they are self-confident and independent.
  3.  Some studies reveal that smoking has a definite connection with a growing feminism wave in the world because some ladies tend to think that in the days of freedom men have enjoyed a lot and now it is their turn to puff the same life.
  4.  We need to see that what are the methods, tobacco industry is using to attract the tender hearts of females towards smoking.
  5.  Even you can be the reason behind the smoking of your daughter. May be your own daughter may try to imitate your style of smoking and end up in becoming a chain smoker.
  6.  Your poor parenthood may even push them to smoking. When you will frequently relinquish responsibilities towards your kids, there are chances your kids will feel socially distracted and hence may try to find asylum in smoking for a temporary and fake relief.
  7.  Sometime family becomes a block in the dreams of girls. As a result, some girls take up extreme step of committing suicide. Some girls try to beat stress through heavy smoking.

Harmful effects of smoking on girls

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  •  In 1950, a study was carried by some medical researchers of the USA who found that men who smoke have five times higher risk of dying due to cancer. After 65 years in 2015, one more study confirmed that this risk has now become equal in both men and women.
  •  Smoking women die 10 years earlier than nonsmoking women
  •  Not just lung cancer, smoking increases chances of heart disease, stroke, pulmonary disease and other cancers, including breast cancer.
  •  Smoking increases chances of infertility in women because a single stick can deposit more than 7,000 chemicals spreading through the entire body and the organs.
  •  Deeper inhalation of smoke may cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  •  Smoking can cause ovulation problems, damage to reproductive organs, damage to eggs, premature menopause and increased risk of miscarriage.

Why has cigarette smoking become more harmful than the past?

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The reason is now a day’s perforated filter and tobacco blends are used in cigarettes that makes deep inhalation of smoke very easy. Hence the chances of nicotine depositing in the blood increase multiple times, which results in obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The main message for our sisters and mothers who are addicted to smoking
Quit smoking as soon as possible, live a healthy life. There are Government and public agencies that help ladies to quit smoking. Take their help and get the rid of your smoking habit.

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