15 Steps to Look Slimmer in Just ONE Day!

Before you start reading the rest of the blog, let me tell you, this is no magic trick. In this blog, you will find only some fitness mantra that will make you feel lighter in just one day. So, you want to fit in that sexy dress you saw at the store? Here are some tricky ways to kick start your dieting. These tips will help you get debloat in just ONE day.

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1. Start Your Day with Hot Water and Lemon
This wonder drink will clean your gut and detoxify your system. You can also have a cup of green tea to start your day in a healthy manner.

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2. Say No to Dairy
Don’t consume any product that contains dairy. Dairy causes bloating when consumed in the morning. Ditch the dairy for your breakfast if you wish for a slimmer waistline.

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3. Start Your Day with Mild Yoga
Yoga freshens up your system and boosts your metabolism. Do stretching poses to boost your metabolism and improve your blood circulation.

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4. Eat a Serving of Fresh Fruits
Start your day with tropical fruits like papaya and pineapples. These fruits debloat your body and improve digestion.

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5. Chew Your Food Slowly
Chew slowly and properly. This will aid your digestion and metabolism. Better digested food means no bloating.

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6. Throw the Chewing Gum
Chewing the gum can trap air in your system and cause bloating. Bloating is the primary reason why most of the people have a wider waistline.

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7. Drink Lots of Water
Water helps in detoxifying your system. The extra salt is flushed out in the form of urine. This also makes you feel less bloated. Plus, your skin will also look great.

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8. Check Your Portions
Don’t eat too much in one go. This can make you feel bloated. Instead, break your meals into smaller portions for better digestion.

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9. Eat Quinoa
Quinoa is rich in fibre and potassium as well. This makes you feel less bloated and it also boosts digestion. Plus, it is low on calories.

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10. Eat a Fibre Rich Snack
Eat fibrous fruits, avocados, chia seeds, etc. to improve your digestion and reduce bloating.

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11. Skip the Alcohol
Alcohol hinders with your digestion process. Moreover, cocktails are loaded with sugar which is nothing but calories.

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12. Eat the Right Kind of Dinner
Eat lean chicken, veggies, fish and asparagus. Avoid beans and cauliflower as they cause bloating.

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13. Skip the Dessert
Sugary foods will only cause you to gain more weight. And it also causes bloating.

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14. Conclude Your Day with a De-Bloating Tea
Lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon and mint tea can reverse the bloating caused in your body. It will debloat your body overnight.

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15. Go to Bed on Time
Don’t burn the midnight oil. Sleeping on time will regulate your metabolism plus it will make your skin the next day.

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