17 Benefits Of This Fruit That Will Make You Say “I’m Loving It”

From the first standard to Post graduation level, your teachers may have told you countless times that Lemon is rich in vitamin C. Hardly any teacher in India would have told students beyond this property of Lemon. Because it has become a cliché everywhere on the globe that Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. But this fruit is much more than Vitamin C. Let us tell you how.

We feel you may be unaware of these major benefits of lemon. So scroll down the page to learn these benefits one by one.

1) Lemon sheds weight like autumn sheds leaves from the trees. So it is the perfect remedy for overweight people.

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2) Its Vitamin C property enhances skin glow and smoothness.
3) It drains out toxins from our body so keeps our kidneys healthy and relieves stress.
4) A lemon juice glass in the morning can ENO your digestion and will also treat your constipation by improving your bowl moment.
5) It is very beneficial during Diarrhoea as it checks bowel moments.
6) Lemon contains just 25 Calories but is rich in calcium, potassium and pectin fibre, iron and Vitamin A apart from Vitamin C, so it forms an important constituent of many medicines in the market.

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7) Due to its efficient therapeutic properties, it also boosts the immune system, hence reducing chances of infection.
8) It also removes impurities from our blood, which makes our heart healthy.
9) Due to its fabulous antiseptic property, it is also used in soaps and creams because it kills pathogenic bacteria to keep us safe from infections.
10) It maintains a pH level of the body which is vital for proper digestion and blood moment.

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11) People who are suffering from pain and joint inflammation should make lemon juice their habit because it removes uric acid from the joints.
12) It is also useful during the common cold.
13) Potassium in the lemon improves brain activity.
14) It keeps bile juice concentration under check and also provides energy to liver enzymes when they are diluted. This increases the strength of our liver.

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15) After strenuous workout session, a lemon juice balances salt concentration of our body.
16) Ladies who have entered into the menopausal stage, heartburn brings a lot of discomfort to them. To reduce heartburn, they should drink a glass of concentrated lemon juice daily.
17) It fights against common eye infections.
Precautions: Concentrated lemon juice can erode the enamel of your teeth and thus can induce a sharp shooting pain so it is advised to take only diluted lemon juice. After every drink, you should not forget to rinse your mouth because its acidic property can damage your teeth.

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