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4 Excellent ways to get rid of Armpit Hairs

Ok, I have seen the bizarre selfie of Madonna showing off her hairy armpit!! But I still insist, hairy armpits means an invitation to fungal and many other kind infections!!!

Summers have just arrived and with it has signaled the arrival of sleeveless shirts and a lot of skin show. Isn’t? In winter you might let the hair on the armpits to grow like the wild of the forest area (gross!!) but summers want you to be squeaky clean ready to wear your favorite sleeveless Kurtis and neon tunics, you know where to shave off!!

Here is What you need to do!!

Before you face embarrassment, here are a few tricks to let you get rid of the hair in your armpits so that you can wear whatever you like, not only in the summer season, but in any season!

1. Waxing: Waxing is a tried and tested methods since a long time and every month women follow the ritual to get rid of the hair from their armpits. For waxing, you will need cold wax in addition to few clean cloth strips for effective removal.

2. Shaving: Shaving also helps to remove armpit hair and is effective in those last minute emergency situations. However, frequent use of shaving method may harden your hair. Make sure you stretch your armpits as wide as possible to prevent any loose skin from getting clipped. You can also use bikini razor for a close shave.

3. Laser Therapy: Above methods are only temporarily effective while if you want a permanent solution, you should resort to the laser technique. This technique helps to uproot the hair and destroy the follicles completely so to stop hair growth!!

4. Depilatory Creams: These creams help to get rid of the body hair and can be easily purchased over the counter. However, you must perform a patch test before you use one, and if it does not cause any irritation, then you can go ahead and use one. Also, don’t leave the cream for more than 5 minutes and immediately discontinue the use if you see any rash or boil developing.

With these techniques, you can easily say goodbye to armpit hair, in some cases even permanently too. So, next time when you have to step out for your favorite party or outing with the friends, do not worry for you are now equipped with right information to get rid of the unwanted underarms hair.

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