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4 Myths About Oily Skin That Need To Be Busted ASAP!

We all have bad habits, and we secretly love them. Isn’t it? Some of us pick pimples while some of us sleep with the makeup on. We know our skin deserve the best but it pays a lot to be aware of the needs of your skin. And getting the treatment done, is just something out of the discussion. While the beauty salon charges hefty amounts to get the treatments done, most of us just accept our skin woes as a part of our life. Well, this is just not done. We should never ever accept our skin problems as normal.

Likewise, people with oily skin have accustomed to dry out their skin. They consider it to be the only solace for the oily skin problems. But do you know? This only aggravates the problem further. With ample information about your skin, you can devise a customized skincare routine which you can adhere to. You need to know the below-mentioned facts and stop putting up with your biggest concerns.

Fact 1: Catching some rays does not solve your oily skin problems.
You might think that soaking some sunlight might dry out your oil and give you a clear mattified face. Sunlight might dry up your oil production but it poses many other harms to your skin. Some people, on the other hand, stay away from sunscreen as they think it might produce excess oil on their face. But stepping out without putting your guards on will do more harm than good. We all know what a terrible monster sunlight is. It accelerates the normal aging process of your skin. The UV radiations of the sun are the main culprit behind worn out and wrinkly skin. I know a little bit of Vitamin D doesn’t hurt anyone. But as I said ‘A Little Bit’. Make a ritual, wear the sunscreen every time you leave the house.

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Fact 2: You need to moisturize your skin no matter how much oily your skin is.
This one is the huge error every oily skinned person seems to commit. It is the biggest misconception of oil. It is believed that putting up oil or moisturizer on your skin will add more oil and cause breakouts. When you wash your face and apply an oil free toner, you already stripped your skin out of moisture. Instead of straight away saying no to moisturizer, find the one that suits your skin. If you have a combination skin, find a lightweight lotion. But if you have extremely oily skin, try to look for an oil-free moisturizer. You can try Lotus Herbals Acne gel, Tea Tree Anti Pimple and Anti-Acne, which controls oil production of the skin while providing the necessary moisture.

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Fact 3: Clogged up skin can cause breakouts.
When oil starts oozing out of your pores, it becomes customary to dab some powder on your face to absorb that. But do you know that powder can actually clog your pores? Moreover, the ingredients in most of the cosmetics cause irritation and pimples. When the pores are obstructed, the skin actually doesn’t breathe. Hence, our sebaceous glands fight back by producing, even more, oil. Go without makeup every once in a while to give your skin some room to replenish itself. Choose products with natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones. And pay attention to those products which are triggering skin problems. Change them up immediately if you find any problem.

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Fact 4: Having oily skin can be genetic.
Sometimes, we can do anything about the problem. Oily skin can be attributed strictly to our genes. I know dealing with oily skin can be hard, very hard indeed. And the real problem hits us when we reach our puberty. It brings down the self-esteem of the person. But this shouldn’t affect your confidence. Make a habit to stick to a particular skincare routine and adopt a healthy lifestyle. We all have our unique features, and so do our skin. Love yourself for the way you are and don’t try to change yourself just for the sake of impressing others. And do you know that oily skin has benefits of their own? If you don’t know, go and find out. You’ll be glad to be an oily-skinned person.

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