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5 Easy Steps to Get that Perfect Eye Makeup!!!

The majority of men find eyes as the most attractive feature of the woman’s body. Hence enhancing the beauty of eyes through makeup is very important. But while doing so, one should be careful about getting the right makeup otherwise it can make you look untidy as well. There’s a procedure to apply eye makeup. Follow it correctly and make your eyes look stunning and beautiful like never before.

Eye Makeup1

Step 1: Dab on some Powder

Start with putting some powder on the eyelids which allow better application of the makeup. The powder also helps the makeup to be in place. Choose the shade nearest to your skin tone.

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Step 2: Have fun with Eye Pencils

Eye pencil or eyeliner should be applied before applying the eyeshadow as it is creamy in nature and takes a bit of time to dry. Start from inside and then go till the end of the edge of the eyelids. Make a neat outline for a clean look. For that “cat eye effect”, drag the pencil till the outside of the eye. If you have small eyes, make it look bigger by making the broad outline. Applying white eye pencil inside the eyelids also helps. Try avoiding eye pencils when you are tired it makes the dark circles prominent. Always keep the eye pencils sharpened for a well-defined look.

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Step 3: Add some Drama by Using Eyeshadows

The eyelids should be first filled with a lighter shade and then use a darker shade towards the end and finally spread it evenly to accentuate the look. If your eyes are big don’t go for milder shades as it makes the eyes look a bit small and if you have small eyes darker shades. Try matte colors during the daytime and shimmer based color for night makeup.

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Step 4: Get an Intensifying Look with a Mascara

The mascara adds volume and makes the eyelashes look longer. To start, keep the brush horizontal and making a zigzag motion, apply it onto the upper lashes nearest the roots. Then do the same with the lower eyelashes. If you need a much glamorous look, apply black mascara and then put a colored one on it. Don’t forget to give some time to let mascara dry, otherwise, it can smudge. Always keep the brush clean. For a fun evening look, you can also go for colorful false eyelashes.

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Step 5: Eyebrow Pencil for Light Eyebrows

If you have light eyebrows, worry not. Go for a shade closest to your brows and draw it on the eyebrows. Try sticking to your natural shape as it gives a realistic look.

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With these simple tips, get that killer eye makeup you always wanted.


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