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5 Famous Cricketers Dated B-Town Actresses But Never Got Hitched


The two most glamours profession in India are Bollywood and Cricket. And when people related to these two profession come together, then it is surely a big buzz in media. In the past there were many B-town actresses who dated famous cricketers. Some couples were successful and some ended on a rough note.

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Here is the list of beautiful B-town actresses who dated cricketers but never united in a wedlock:

1. Nagma and Sourav Ganguly

Nagma and Sourav GangulyImage Source: 

The relationship of this B-town actress got a lot of media attention. Nagma and Sourav were in a relationship but soon there small love story came to an end when Sourav tied the knot with Dona. When media asked about their relationship Sourav waved it off with a no comments tag but Nagam was very open and revealed there was something between them.

2. Deepika Padukone, Kim Sharma and Yuvraj Singh

Deepika Padukone, Kim Sharma and Yuvraj SinghImage Source: 

Yuvraj is well known for his charm and he knows exactly how to move a girl. Even the B-town actresses, Kim Sharma and Deepika Padukone fell for him. Well, Yuvraj always maintained his image as a just good friend but no one can avoid the chemistry between them. His relationship with Kim was firm and long but it didn’t go anywhere and with Deepika, it was a too short.

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3. Amrita Singh and Ravi Shastri

Amrita Singh and Ravi ShastriImage Source: 

In the late 80s Ravi Shastri was doing were well in his cricket career and Amrita was getting ready to make her name in Bollywood. During a candid event the duo confessed their feelings for each other but their love story lasted for a short time.Later Ravi got married to Ritu and Amrita tied knot with Saif Ali Khan.

4. Neena Gupta and Vivian Richards

Neena Gupta and Vivian RichardsImage Source: 

The famous B-town actress and theatre person Neena Gupta fall in love with the famous international cricket player, Vivian Richards. The duo shared an unusual relationship but serious at the same time. They got into a deep relationship when Vivian was married which also made a buzz in media. Later a news broke in media about their daughter Masaba who lives with Neena.

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5. Isha Sharvani and Zaheer Khan

Isha Sharvani and Zaheer KhanImage Source:

This B-town actress had the most steady relationship with a cricketer. And we are talking about Isha Sharvani who was in a relationship with Zaheer Khan for 8 years. Everyone thought that their new step would be to get married but they shocked everyone with their breakup news. And now Zaheer is engaged to Chak De India fame Sagarika Ghatge.

So, these were the B-town actresses who dated famous cricketers but never tied knot.


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