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5 Highly-Lovable Bollywood Movies That Are Not So Lovely Actually


Bollywood movies never fail us for the one reason or the other. For an entire year, the Indian film industry produces more than 1000 movies approx. And most of them are just crap but the lead actors cover it up as this is what the people want to see but in reality, they are not able to come up with a great content and ideas all the time. Today in this post, I will list some highly-rated Bollywood movies most people love and have praised but in reality, they were quite complicated. Many people won’t agree to this but later you will know that we got a point.

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Here is the list of Bollywood movies that were Blockbuster but were strange too in a way or other:

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

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Nobody would have thought that this Bollywood movie will land up to this list. But yes it is, the most problematic movie in Bollywood. The movie was strange on the plot of gender treatment. This movie shows that Shah Rukh was never interested in Kajol being her best buddy. But after few years when she was completely changed as a Sanskaari girl with a saari and girlish avatar he falls for her. This is so crazy. The question arises here is why a woman has to change so that a man accepts her as his love?

2. Pyaar Ka Punchnama

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In this Bollywood movie, the more emphasis is made on a guy’s point of a relationship. The movie is basically full of annoyed men like to joke on the concept of Shaadi and relationship. The movie features a nice guy who helps her female colleague to sleep with her and the other guy is not happy with the concept of commitment.

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3. Raanjhana

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This Bollywood movie was an offbeat movie that displays eve-teasing as the reality of a small town. And the creepiest part that the girl is being stalked by a guy and eventually she falls for him in the end.

4. Baby

BabyImage Source: 

This Bollywood movie had an interesting plot to watch but it was quite bias towards muslim religion and the entire movie has a naara Pakistan ko maaro. But after watching this many people would noticed this hatred towards a particular religion and nation.

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DDLJImage Source: 

This is a classic Bollywood movie is the most loved movie by girls. The plot shows that SRK asks Kajol’s father Amrish Puri to be with her like she is her property that can be transferred. And another thing which was told by the critics that Raj’s character was a creep.

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