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5 Important Facts About Sexual Assault You Should Be Knowing!

The predators creep in the dark and consume their victims silently. Sexual assault is not an alien thing anymore. More and more cases of sexual assaults have been coming up in light. Even Bollywood celebrities have come forward to narrate their share of unfortunate incidents. Efforts have been made to make the victims more open about the assault. But unfortunately, the victim-shaming characteristic of the society sits too deep to be eliminated overnight.

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So here the concern is, how to keep yourself safe? How to cope up with such a situation? Read the below-mentioned facts to clear the fog about Sexual Assault…

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1. Sexual Assault is Not Always Intercourse
Sexual assault is a broader term and intercourse is a part of it. As per the Indian law, sexual assault is defined as “Broadly worded with acts like penetration of penis or any object or any part of body to any extent, into the vagina, mouth or urethra or anus of another person or making another person do so, apply of mouth or touching private parts constitutes the offence of sexual assault”. Even if the victim is not physically resisting but is mentally pressurized to do is, the whole act will be termed as a Sexual Assault.

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2. Sexual Assault Doesn’t Affect Women Only, Men are Equally Affected
Usually Sexual Assault is used as a medium to break the victim down, to establish its influence over the victim. Usually, the criminal tries to malice the reputation of the victim. Even men fall prey to this serious offence. Sexual assault is mere an ego boost for the perpetrator.

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3. Victims Are Shamed in the Court Room
It might be possible that the victim won’t be able to recollect each and every point of the mishap. But without proper evidence and witnesses, the justice remains denied. The courtroom trial is another assault on the dignity of the victim.

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4. Seek Help Immediately When Assaulted Sexually
Sexual assault is more of a mental torture than physical. The victim is sometimes left with life-long trauma and fear. If it happened to you and you find it difficult to deal with it, seek medical help. This might make this tough time a little lighter on you.

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5. Talk to and Empathise with Other Victims
You might find it difficult to catch the pace with your normal life. To get over it, try to sympathize and connect with other victims. You’re not alone. Try and be calm with the victim. The negative emotions thrown by the victim is just natural. Encourage the victim to let go of the incident and move on in his life.

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Sexual Assault is an act of cowardice. It only shows the lack of respect people have for each other. Let’s change this mindset, one person at a time!

Reshu Manglik

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