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5 Most Effective Home Remedies To Treat A migraine

For those who deal with or have been dealing with a migraine only know the real pain that one goes through while having a migraine attack. The most common symptoms of a migraine may vary from a pulsating headache, light sensitivity, nausea, recurrent pain, light-headedness and blurred vision. A parson may experience one or more symptoms at the same time and the symptoms may also vary from person to person. There are medicines which might help you but you cannot rely on them in the long run. Luckily there are also some home remedies which might help you in relieving the pain to a great extent. Here are some effective home remedies to treat a migraine.

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1. Ginger tea- It is suggested that people who suffer from a migraine should drink ginger tea to reduce symptoms such as nausea. Ginger is supposed to block the compounds named prostaglandins which cause a headache by stimulating muscle contractions. If you are suffering from a migraine, then having 2-4 grams of ginger on a daily basis can help you feel better.

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2. Essential oils- Sniffing on essential oil also helps in relieving the pain caused due to a migraine. Inhaling essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and jasmine could really help with easing the pain. There are certain essential oils which can help in reducing the pain and easing tension by directly focussing on the pain triggers. For instance, stress is one of the biggest triggers of a migraine and if that is your case then sniffing lavender oil can make you calm down as it works as a mild sedative. On the other hand, rosemary oil helps in correcting hormonal imbalances in women which are another common cause of a migraine in them.

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3. Sesame oil- Sesame oil is often recommended as nasal drops for those who are experiencing a migraine because of Vata Dosh (which is caused by mental stress or insomnia). Vata dosh creates dryness and may make you feel dehydrated. This leads to constipation and stiffness of muscles leading to a headache. To get relief from this condition it is advised to put 3-4 drops of sesame oil in your nose every night and inhale deeply. You will surely get relief from the pain soon.

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4. Yoga- Performing yoga on a daily basis can help you in relaxing the blood vessels and thus calming the mind. A particular pose called the Brahmri Pranayyam/honey bee pose is the one to try if you are suffering from a migraine. This one mainly comprises of breathing technique which soothes the nerves around the forehead and the brain. To perform this yoga pose, place your index fingers in your ears. Place the rest of the fingers on the cartilage. Now breath in and breath out while creating a humming sound (bee-like sound with your mouth) while gently pressing the cartilage. Repeat the process 3-4 times.

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5. Peppermint- According to a study, the peppermint fragrance is known to relieve a headache. Along with that, the anti-inflammatory properties help calm down the nerves. Having a cup of freshly made peppermint tea or massaging your forehead with a few drops of peppermint oil can really help in relieving the pain. Repeat this 2-3 times a day to get significant results.

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