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6 HEALTHY Habits That Are Really Bad for Your Health!

No, there is no typo in the title. There are some health habits that are bad for our health. We put our best intentions when it comes to our health and lifestyle choices. But even then, we adopt certain health habits which we think, are good for our health. Although, unfortunately we end up harming ourselves in a way. Here are six such health habits that aren’t doing any good for you.

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1. You Cannot Catch Up on the Week-Long Sleep During the Weekend.
Due to our work or other ventures, we skip our much needed 8-hour sleep. We make a promise to ourselves that we will catch up on the sleep on the weekend. But sleep doesn’t work this way. You cannot sleep throughout a single day to compensate on the week-long sleep. Even if you sleep 10 hours extra. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep daily is a must.

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2. Turning Away from Someone Who Coughs/Sneezes Doesn’t Help
You think that you can turn your head away from the person who is sneezing and save yourself from the infection. Mere being near the person who has caught cold can spread germs. Turning away won’t help. This is the reason why the complete family suffers from the flu in the flu season. If your friend is sick, then try your best to stay away from the person as much as you can. Cancel all the plans. Don’t share articles with him and wash your hands after shaking hands with him.

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3. Brushing Your Teeth After Every Meal Will Make You Lose Your Teeth
This is the worst thing you can do to your teeth. Our mouth requires a proper pH balance to stay healthy. When you eat an acidic food, the pH of your mouth becomes acidic. Brushing your teeth in such a susceptible state can damage your mouth further. Avoid brushing your teeth at least for an hour after eating your food.

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4. You Need Sunglasses Even on a Cloudy Day
People ditch their sunglasses when they see clouds in the sky. But the sunglasses are not only for preventing our eyes from squinting. They are used to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The UV radiations are present in the environment even on the cloudy days. When you’re shopping for sunglasses, make sure that they offer 100% protection from the UV radiations.

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5. Don’t Use a Loud Alarm Clock to Wake Yourself Up
People who are woken up by a loud sound are prone to high blood pressure and higher pulse rate. You should allow yourself to wake up calmly. Alarm clocks will increase your stress levels. If you’re using an alarm clock, then keep it away from your head. Your nightstand is not the right place to keep your alarm clock. Download a gentle alarm clock and replace your cranky alarm clock tone with it.

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6. Sleeping for a Whole Day Will Only Make You Feel Worse!
People think sleep is the answer to all their fatigue. But when you indulge in a sleep marathon for 12-hours straight, then you’re making yourself feel worst. Your sleep is regulated by a certain pattern called circadian rhythm. You’re disrupting your sleep pattern when you’re sleeping too much or too less. A complete 8-hour sleep is enough to make your feel refreshed.

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