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6 Important Tips to Keep in Mind While Travelling with a Baby

Travelling with a baby is no cakewalk. It is never easy and it has never been. The baby isn’t going to sleep throughout the journey. He will cry and cry a lot. He might be motion sick, which most of the babies are. You have to be all set for any kind of emergency that arises. And the luggage? Your baby’s luggage will be twice as yours.

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But the purpose of this blog is not to scare you off. We’re going to tell you some important tips which you should keep in your mind if you’re travelling with your toddler. Start taking notes.

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1. When you’re travelling with a baby carry some extra diapers, clothes, washcloths and paper napkins with you. Carry the medicines which might be handy for your baby and you as well. You have to stay fit and calm during the course of the journey to handle the baby.

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2. Carry a list of emergency contacts with you. Make sure that you have a number of a paediatrician, you never know when the need might arise.

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3. Kids find it difficult to adjust to the new surroundings. Carry some of their toys to create a familiar surrounding for them. As soon as you reach the destination, unpack their toys so that they remain calm. Make them lie down on their favourite bedsheet so that they feel at home.

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4. Carry their favourite toys and storybooks. Keep them occupied. Carry a drawing book and some crayons to keep him busy. This will make him take a little notice of what’s happening around him.

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5. Take turns with your partner to babysit the baby. If you’re travelling with your family. Don’t hesitate to leave your kid with the family members while you and your partner untwine at a restaurant or a spa. This way you’ll be able to keep yourself together.

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6. Carry their favourite snack with you. Your kid might not eat the things offered at the hotels and restaurant. Most of the kids are fussy eaters. They can be cranky if they don’t see the food they like.

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