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6 Makeup Brushes You Should Have in Your Makeup Box!

Do you love doing makeup? Then you must be knowing that a perfect makeup cannot be achieved without a set of right makeup brushes. A single makeup brush can never be an all-rounder. Each and every brush of the set is designated a special role in doing the makeup. And you should have each one of them in your vanity. If you still don’t have them, then start shopping for them.

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1. Eye Blending Brush
If you’re a lover of eye makeup, then the importance of eyeshadow shouldn’t be unknown to you. Eye makeup is non-existent without eyeshadow. And eyeshadow is an unachievable art without the eye blending brush. They are used to dust the eyeshadow on the eyelids. Fingers can never be good when you’re going the Smokey eye makeup. The brush will save your eyeshadow from getting wasted.

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2. Blush Brush
The brush which accompanies the blusher isn’t good for anything. It is just a freebie, and nothing else. You need a dome-shaped brush to contour your cheeks in a proper manner. Swipe the blush along your cheekbones and apply the blush in the circular motion to get the blush of your dreams.

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3. Oval Brush
It resembles something else in its geometry, but the utility of this brush is still unknown to many. Let me tell you, no makeup artist walks without this particular brush. It is used to give a flawless finish to your makeup base. The damp sponge is used to blend the makeup. Keep your fingers off your face.

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4. Concealer Brush
The name has made its purpose very clear to the readers. It is used to blend the concealer well on your problem areas like blemishes, dark circles, pimple marks, etc. The one with the tapered head is being the most used these days. The application of the concealer doesn’t give you a seamless finish and perfect coverage.

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5. Lip Brush
Once you get used to a lip brush, you’ll never like to smear the colour straight on your lips from the tube. It is a more hygienic way to apply the lipstick. Plus, the lip brush covers each and every corner of your lips properly without smudging. The Makeup artists swear by this tool to apply the makeup to their clients.

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6. Spoolie Brush
The one you get with the mascara isn’t enough to do all the remaining task. A separate clean spoolie brush can be more useful than you’ve imagined. It can be used to clean the mascara clumps and separating the eyelashes after applying the mascara. And what about taming the eyebrow? Spray some hairspray on the clean spoolie and comb through your brow. Pick up the one with an angled brush on the other side. This brush can be used to define your brows using a brow definer.

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Remember, the key point is to make your makeup appear not-made-up. It should seem natural. And to get the seamless finish, makeup brushes are essential.

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