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6 Weird Things That Can Give You STD, Other Than Sex!

Do you think having protected sex or having no sex at all will reduce your chances of getting a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)? No, you are wrong to think that!

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This is called being human, even though you take numerous measures to prevent yourself from something so life threatening, there are still good chances of your catching an STD. You can avoid that disastrous trip to the Gynecologist if you take better care of your health and hygiene. In addition to having sex, these following stated activities might also become a cause for the STD.

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• Dry Humping With No Clothes On
Of course, it’s a little weird to dry hump even when you are naked! Even if you manage to stick with dry humping although being naked, then you have a problem, to begin with. Your skin to skin contact can cause you herpes, for that good luck explain that to your doctor.

• Fingering
There are good chances of getting a UTI, vaginal infection or HPV, if you keep using those unclean, unhygienic fingers up in the vagina, no matter whether they are yours or someone else’s.

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• Lip Balm
We know girls love to share, but Herpes is relentless! If the person you are sharing your lip balm with is infected with oral herpes, then there are solid chances that you might catch them too.

• Waxing
You read that right girl! That amazing Brazilian wax, that makes you having sex so much better, is actually making you more vulnerable to catching an STD. How? Good that you asked! The waxing spatula that Salons use are common for all the customers, so who knows how many people have been touched with that perpetrator who carried an STD and you might be the next one!

• Tattoos And Piercings
Isn’t it obvious! The needles that tattoo artists use on your skin to pierce through had been contaminated by hundreds or thousands of people’s skin, and we don’t know if anyone of those customers might have been a carrier of an STD. to avoid any chances of catching HIV or herpes, make sure you go a hygienic place to get that body art or use a new and sterilized needle before getting started.

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• Toilet Seats
The only rule that you must live by your whole life should be- you don’t sit on a public toilet! The only place which is contaminated with every possible disease people carries around while using that toilet seat you are thinking of using it for yourself. If you must use it in the case of emergency, then make sure it’s clean and sanitized or use lots of toilet papers to spread over the seat before using it.

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