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7 Annoying Haircare Myths Busted

In our Indian culture, great emphasis is given to the enhancement of our beauty since our childhood. We all remember how our moms and grandmother used to apply all type of masks, oils and ubtans to keep our skin and hair healthy. But there are also all kinds of myths that we have been listening ever since then. Today we are going to debunk the 7 most annoying hair care myths right here.

1. If you cut your hair frequently they grow faster- We have been hearing this one since we were little kids. But this saying doesn’t really make sense because the hair grows from the roots and are cut from the ends so how is that supposed to make them grow faster. In fact, what you should do is get your hair trimmed every 2 months in order to get rid of the split ends or dead ends as these might lead to breakage and also look very untidy.

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2. Plucking a grey hair leads to the growth of more- This one has also been around since forever. But it is obviously just a myth. If truth to be told then plucking of grey hair cannot lead to more of them because every hair strand has its own hair follicle. So the one that you pluck might come out grey but that is not going to make all the other hair to grow grey. You might start getting more grey hair but that might be due to other factors but certainly not this one.

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3. Shampooing your hair may lead to hair fall- Ok, so at this point we are talking about the normal amount of hair that you are ought to lose while washing them. Many people think that the hair that they lose in the shower is because they are experiencing hair fall. Which is so not true. Every hair strand on our hair goes through a three stage cycle and at the last stage the hair fall off our head. Losing 50-70 hair strands on a daily basis is very normal and cannot be considered as hair fall. But if you are losing more than the normal then you should get your scalp checked.

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4. Hair colours can damage your hair- Though bleaching your hair can be damaging but temporary and semi-permanent hair colours don’t really cause that much harm to your hair. But make sure not to colour your hair very frequently. Hair colours add an extra layer on your hair strands which make them appear thicker and also adds volume to them.

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5. Shampoos which don’t lather are not good- We have this one in our head that a shampoo that does not lather is not doing a good job of cleaning our hair. But the truth is that even the shampoos that do not lather do a great job at clearing up the oil and dirt build up on our scalp. For example, DIY baking soda shampoo works great to get rid of any oiliness in the scalp and hair and of course, it does not lather.

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6. You should wash your hair every day- Some people do like to wash their hair every day but this is, in fact, damaging their hair. When you wash your hair every day you are actually getting rid of all the natural oils that are essential for maintaining the overall health of the scalp and hair. Thus leading to breakage, hair fall, dry, frizzy hair and other scalp related problems.

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7. The best way to dry your hair is to towel dry them- The body towels that we use to dry our body are meant for our body only. When you use these towels to dry your hair the constant rubbing leads to damaged hair and also makes them frizzy. A better way to dry your hair is wrapping them in a cotton t-shirt. The cotton t-shirt will soak up all the excess water from the hair, after which you can simply air dry your hair.

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