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7 Economical Nail Polish Brands

Everyone wants to have a very different style of art in case of makeup and nowadays it’s becoming a trend to concentrate a lot on the nails too. After all, it’s like an eternal piece of a girl’s body. She wants to decorate it like a princess and she does it anyway. Girls are choosy in case of various brands be it in any case like hair, nail or skin. But there is a concern in this as well like the brand should have something natural. Plus the price is also supposed to be reasonable, so it’s a treat for us. Let’s see some of the brands which in a way or other fulfil the expectations.

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I will start with my Favourite one…

•Color Bar Nail Polish

This is an affordable brand that has loads of colours be it a 3D or a 2D one or a simple one. Its cost starts from Rs 100-200 approx., the colour range, quality as well as the quantity give us the utmost satisfaction. The texture of the colour is very smooth and dries up very fast, so it’s an absolute brand in India.

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•Lakme Nail Polish

This brand has again created a drift among the girls due to its goodwill as well as the quality of the product that gives you metallic to gloss. In India it’s considered as one of the most selling brands if you don’t believe, go check it for yourselves.

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•Revlon Nail Polish

This brand is pricey but has good quality and a variety of colours in it. You will see as you go to the outlets, you will fall in love with that for sure. Well, let’s see what else is there in store.

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•Faces Nail Polish

When it comes to nail paint faces is an amazing brand that gives your nail an ultimate shine and colour. This nail polish also has some very affordable pieces which will surely woo you with its quality and texture.

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•Elle 18 Nail Polish

I would consider it as one of the best brands after Color Bar and I know you will agree seeing the price as well as the quantity which is surprising. Most of the girls prefer this brand for its variants and the substance that it is having which lasts for long.

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•MTV Nail Polish

This nail polish again has various bright colours that attracts every user. There are also sparkling crystals found in this. I know, it sounds interesting, so you can go for this with all your urge.

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•Maybelline Nail Polish

This brand is my personal favourite, it consists of some interesting colour range that makes us bound to buy nail colour of this brand. Price is also very reasonable, to your shock it’s costs around Rs. 100, so go grab one!

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I am sure you enjoyed the article, so go and buy at least one or two of the above mentioned nail polishes.

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