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7 Eye Makeup Mistakes That You Need to Stop Making Right Now!

Eye makeup is a form of art. A perfect eye makeup cannot be achieved without an expert hand at it. If you want to turn people’s faces towards you at a party and you failed to do so, then let me tell you you’ve managed to sabotage your eye makeup. You don’t even know that you’re making so many mistakes while doing your eye makeup. Sometimes you go overboard with your Kajal that you end up looking like a Panda. The eyeshadow is not at the place. Did we ever notice these tiny glitches we make in our eye makeup? In this article, you will get to know about 7 mistakes that you might be making with your eye makeup techniques.

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1. Putting Kajal on Your Waterline
This is the biggest and the most common mistake every woman is guilty of. Even if you have big impressive eyes, you need to waive this technique off already. Use a nude eyeliner to line your waterline. This will make your eyes pop and appear bigger.

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2. Skipping the Eyelash Curler
Eyelash curler looks intimidating at first if you’re a novice. But you need to get over your fear. You’re not going to lose your lashes unless you’ll forcefully pull them out. The curler alone can pop up your eyes than a mascara can do. A mascara is incomplete and incompetent without an eyelash curler.

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3. Applying a Dark Eyeshadow in the Inner Corner
The inner corner of our eyes is already dark. If you apply a heavily pigmented eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes, they will look dull and tired. Instead, put a creamy pearl coloured eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes.

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4. Using the Wrong Concealer
Before buying a concealer, match the shade perfectly with your skin tone. The undertone of your dark circles decides the colour of the concealer you should be using. If you have greenish dark circles, then use pinkish tints. Use peachy colours for purplish dark circles. The colour concealers hide the dark circles better than other concealers.

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5. Curling Eyelashes After Applying Mascara
Remember this, first curl then the mascara. Repeat this in your mind till you learn it by heart. You will end up messing up your mascara all over your lids. We are sure you don’t want that to happen. So, chuck this bad habit at once!

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6. Using Eye Primer Only for Eyeshadows
Eye primer not only makes your eyeshadow stay put, but also hold your eyeliner in place. Swipe the eye primer all over your eyelids. Even if you’re not wearing any makeup, you should apply an eye primer before leaving the house. You will notice how this unique formula makes your eyes pop up.

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7. Applying the Wrong Cat Eye
Cat eyeliners are so much in. But not everyone is a master at the art of applying cat eyeliner. Make sure that you put the line upwards when spreading it beyond your eye. If the tail is facing downwards, it will make your face look droopy.

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