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7 Hair Mistakes That Makes You Look Aged

Hair style and makeup when done correctly make you stand out of the crowd. But when it is not done accordingly, it takes no time to make you look haggard and old. So the next time if you find out that your new haircut is making you look older than your elder sister, it’s affirmative that you’ve committed some serious hair mistake. So here some of the hair mistakes that add years to your look. Be careful about them next time!

1. Blunt Bangs
Too much of bangs cover up the most of your face and make it look smaller. No one will look as elegant as Priyanka Chopra in bangs (And FYI she’s 33!). Any such hairstyle will only make you look older. So even if you want some bangs, get those feathery fringes which will let your pretty face show.

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2. Too much Frizz
Messy frizzes makes you look like a bit tired out. If you have naturally curly hair, make sure they are properly moisturized and tamed, otherwise, they’ll not spare a chance to make you look older than your age. Frizzy hair will only make you look like a worn out hag.

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3. Too much Styled Hair
Don’t try to make your hair look like they’re too much made up like the 80s divas. The stiffness in the hair due to so many hair setting products gives you a vintage look. Messy hair is the new youthful style. Leave some imperfection there to make you look young and untamed. A few pieces and flyaway will soften your look.

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4. Too Flat Hair
Anushka Sharma can get away with this look, but not everyone is lucky as her. You can credit this to her 20s something look. But believe me, flat ironed hair can only make your face look too harsh and mature. Even if you’re in your 20s, poker hair will add 5 years to your age. Soft waves, on the other hand, add imperfect softness to your features. And imperfectness defines youth.

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5. Dark Hair Colour
Dyed black hair looks fake and made up and can highlight your ageing issues. Choose your hair colour according to your skin tone. A mahogany brown looks more pleasing.

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6. Over-Highlighted Hair
Over bleached hair gives a wash to your complexion, plus it damages your hair. And who doesn’t look aged in damaged hair with split-ends?

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7. Too Kiddish Hairstyles
Halo braid or pigtails just put more emphasis on the fact that you’re no longer a kid. Embrace the age you’re in. Enjoy the adulthood and pick up the styles which are more suitable for your age.

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