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7 Hidden Reasons That Might Be Causing Dark Circles

Dark circles can be very annoying as this messes up with your appearance and can lower down your self-esteem and confidence. Sometimes even after taking enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet you end up getting dark circles. That is so because your sleeping pattern is not the only thing which can give you dark circles. There are several other factors which can darken your under eye area. Today we are going to discuss some of the reasons which might be the hidden reason of your dark circles.

1. Genetics- One of the top most reasons that might be causing the dark circles are probably your genes. Maybe the dark circle genes run in your family and you have inherited the same as well. Try to figure it out by examining your family members and also inquiring about the same for the previous generations which no longer exist.

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2. Eczema- Eczema is not the actual reason which may lead to dark circles, but the constant rubbing from all the itching may result into dark circles.

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3. Allergies- If you have any allergies you are ought to have itchy skin around the eye. And as the skin near the eye is one of the thinnest the swollen blood vessels may appear very dark, thus giving the appearance of dark circles. So, in this case, the only way to get rid of the dark circles is by getting your allergy treated.

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4. Makeup- Using low-quality makeup products or using too much makeup can also cause dark circles. So make sure to use quality products which won’t harm your delicate under eye area.

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5. Eye socket- Your bone structure and eye socket formation may also be the reason. People who have deep set eyes can give the illusion of dark under eye area without actually having dark circles.

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6. Veins- Your veins could also be the reason for dark under eye skin. The veins under your eyes, maybe too blue, which can actually appear as dark circles. Or the skin under your eyes is extra thin, making the veins visible.

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7. Sun- Though soaking in the sun provides you with vitamin D, but the sun can damage your delicate under eye area and may lead to dark circles. So in order to avoid dark circles make it a habit of wearing good quality sunglasses before heading out in the sun and slather on SPF on your under eye area as well to keep it protected.

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