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7 Must Have Makeup Brushes in Your Vanity

To achieve a flawless makeup look, it is very important to use the right tools. Makeup brushes are just as important as the makeup products. If you have recently started exploring the world of makeup then it might get a little daunting for you to pick the right makeup brushes. To make this choice easier for you, here is the compilation of 7 must have makeup brushes in your vanity.

1. Foundation brush- One of the most ideal method for applying foundation is by using a foundation brush. Using a brush for applying foundation ensures a smooth and even application, which looks natural. There are different types of foundation brushes available in the market such as a flat top foundation brush, stippling brush, round top brush, etc. you can choose the one according to the type of finish you are looking for while keeping in mind the type of foundation you are using.

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2. Concealer brush- As the name suggests, a concealer brush is used for concealer application. The make of this brush makes it the perfect tool to conceal dark circles and blemishes, which needs a lot of precision. The bristles of this brush are packed nicely so as to pick up the right amount of product.

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3. Blush brush- Using a blush brush to apply blush ensures an even application which does not look patchy. The blush brush should not be too big or too small. It should be just the right size to fit the apples of your cheeks.

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4. Big powder brush- You don’t want to concentrate the powder at just one place, instead, you want the product to get distributed all over the face. Therefore, the powder brush needs to be big and fluffy for an even distribution of the product.

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5. Medium flat shader or eyeshadow brush- This brush is perfect for applying powder eyeshadow onto the lid. The bristles of this brush are densely packed and thus, pick up the right amount of eyeshadow and also ensures a smooth application.

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6. Blending brush- This one cannot be missed if you want your eye makeup to look flawless. A blending brush is used to fade away the harsh lines that may have left behind and ensures a seamless eye makeup look.

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7. Angled eyeliner brush- This brush can be used as an eyeliner as well as a brow brush. This brush comes really handy when you are trying to achieve a cat eye or winged eyeliner look. The small size and angled tip of this brush make it the perfect tool for filling up your eyebrows as well.

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Tip: Make sure to wash your makeup brushes on a regular basis with liquid soap and hot water. This will ensure that your brushes are free of any accumulated germs and bacteria.

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