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7 Secret Tips for Women to Reduce Pain While Having Sex

Let’s admit the fact that most of the women experience excruciating pain while having sex. It is believed that this pain goes away on its own, but this doesn’t happen to some. Thus, most of the women tolerate the pain as a part of the sex. Sex is anything but pain. Pain shouldn’t be the part of the act. Vaginal infection or tightness of vagina can be the reason behind the pain. But it can be sorted. Here are some tips to make sex more enjoyable and less painful.

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1. Pay More Attention to Foreplay
Foreplay is an important, in fact, the most crucial part of sex. Most of us in the heat of the moment, undermine this crucial step. Jumping straight to penetration can cause vaginal injury. Without being lubricated, the vagina is prone to minor cuts and bruises. Foreplay is needed to lubricate the vagina properly.

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2. Use Store-Bought Lubricants
Usually, the natural lubricants of the woman are enough to lubricate the vagina for sex. But due to some natural causes like dehydration, stress, allergies, etc. the lubricants are not enough to lubricate the vagina. You can seek help from the market-based lubricants to prevent friction during penetration. Use gel based or water based lubricants. Don’t use oil-based lubricants as they might erode the condom.

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3. Ease Out the Stress
This is the most common reason why women face a lot of pain during intercourse. If a woman is too shy or uncomfortable about her body, then her vagina will contract as a result of stress. Thus, it is very important to stay calm while he gets in.

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4. Switch Positions
Try different positions. If there is a particular position which hurts you the most then there are chances that your partner might be thrusting your cervix. Find a position that is comfortable with you. Guide your partner into doing things.

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5. Use Pillows
Pillow are not only for decoration. They can be brought to much use. They can help you align your body. Place a pillow below your lower back. It will reduce the tension between the bodies.

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6. Synchronize Your Body
You got to do some work, too. Synchronize your body in the rhythm. Move it in a way your partner moves his body. This will make penetration much easier. It will not only reduce the pain but will also increase intimacy between you and your partner.

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7. Let it GO!
Don’t stress yourself too much. Just let your body loose with the moment. Keeping your body will restrict the blood to your pelvic region. Hence, the muscle tightens up and cause pain. Allow the energy to flow through your body to understand the pleasures of physical intimacy.

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