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7 Tips Which Makes Every Mom Stunning

Mothers have a full time job and they are head over heels all the time. Since early morning, they start their activities and get no time for their personal grooming and care. It’s always about her husband and kids and caring about their likes and dislikes, and not bothering about her at all. Even if we go out for meals or parties, she rarely has time to properly get dressed up or go for some beauty treatment.

Being a mother is hard, but that doesn’t mean she can’t look stunning. We’re here to help and bring out the best in you with these quick beauty tips:

1. Get a Good Bath: Being a mom, there’s always shortage of time because of daily household work, and if there’s a toddler running all around the house, then it’s a menace. But there you go, a good long bathing time helps manifolds. A warm water bath is a perfect substitute of a massage and you really need one. If time permits, take a bath two times a day. It’ll relax your body completely and you will be always fresh even after a non-stop parade.

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2. Get a Haircut: A nice haircut is always a good idea for getting a good change in you after long time. An easy maintaining haircut gives bounce to hair and makes you look better than before always. As per my thinking, a nice shoulder haircut is good for our busy mommy which is easy to manage and you can make a back pony as well.

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3. Work on Those Eyes: If you don’t find enough time to get ready for a function or occasion, just do two things, always keep a nice easy-to-apply eye liner and a mascara handy. These two small but significant things are enough to make you look stunning within seconds. Mascara will enhance the length of lashes and attract the crowd towards you and the eye liner will define your eyes in a better way.

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4. Concealer is a Must: With a job of a mother, dark circles and baggy eyes are bound to happen. So, just to ward off that tired and dull face, an effective concealer will really act as a helper to you. It’ll cover the darkness under the eyes and also will give a freshness in your face instantly. Hence, keep a concealer always in your purse, you never know when you need it.

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5. Wash The Face Regularly: It’s a sure shot solution to a great face. Mothers always are deprived of sleep which shows tiredness. Regular splashes of water will help to remove the tired look and applying a mild face wash at least twice a day can give good results naturally. So, don’t get lazy and keep your beautiful face healthy and light.

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6. Moisturizing: It’s also a “must do” for every person including moms. Make it a habit of daily moisturizing your face with a light coloured moisturizer to keep your face healthy. Also, it’s an easy solution if you don’t want to apply makeup or foundations.

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7. Use a Lip Tint: For regular days if you don’t want to use lipstick, it’s a good idea to go for a lip tint. It’s a good substitute to a lipstick but with no gloss or matte effect. It’s just a colour which can be used in regular days and will show a nice freshly coloured lips. Even if you’re getting late to go somewhere, it can be your good friend in purse.

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These quick-fix tips can be a saviour to many moms when they have less time for herself. Also, if you have some more tips, do share them with us too.


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