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7 Ways To Deal With Dark Circles Without Makeup

Late night office, parties, lack of sleep, etc. are some bad habits which lead to the puffiness in your eyes and the ugly dark circles. I’m sure your sleepless nights are one of the reasons that you avoid clicking selfies or going out with your friends. You have been buying artificial products since long by having concealer sticks and what not. Stop using things which can further harm your skin.

So, we have a remedy for you. Have a look at these ideas and things by which you can get rid of your ender eyes bags and dark circles forever:

1. Egg White:

Egg white is not only tasty but also very nutritious. You can remove your dark circles by using egg whites. It will also help you to tighten your skin and hence is a perfect anti-aging face pack. You just have to apply a raw egg layer and keep it for around 15 minutes around the baggy eye part and get rid of the dark circles.

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2. Stop Rubbing

By constantly rubbing your eyes you are exaggerating your dark circles. And that can lead to redness in your eyes which is infectious. Because friction in the eyes may lead to darkening in your eyes and pigmentation in the delicate areas near the eyes. Make sure you stop that to reduce the puffiness.

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3. Almond Oil

Almond oil is a great way to make your eyes better and avoiding itchiness. Massage the areas around eyes gently by using almond oil. For better results do this regularly before you go off to sleep at night and see a fresh look the next morning.

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4. Caffeinated Cream

An eye cream with elements of caffeine is also a good way to cure the dark circles in the eye area. Basically, a caffeine compresses the blood vessels which can very well reduce the eye puffiness and eye bags. Keep the eye cream in the fridge because a cold cream boosts the benefits, and use it regularly for good results.

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5. Cold Tea Bag

This has been tried and tested by me too. All you have to do is warm the tea bags in the morning and squeeze the water content in the tea bag. Then put the bag inside the fridge for long time till it gets chilled. After that, take it out and place them gently over the eye and keep it for a good 15 minutes. The cold tea will reduce the puffed eye and lessen the dark circles instantly.

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6. Cucumber

Cucumber are a natural remedy for any face related problems. You can rest your eyes after a hectic work day by just putting two slices of cucumber over your eyes for at least 15 minutes. Also, you can mix cucumber churns and rose water, dip the cotton in it and place it over your eyes. You will definitely feel relaxed and fresh.

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7. Head Held High

There are times when you have sleepless nights especially during the time of the financial year end. So, to prevent from tiring your eyes with extra strenuous work, keep your head elevated. While going to sleep, use double pillow so that the blood flow can stop getting accumulated in the eyes area. So, remember to keep a high head posture and you can get rid of the dark circles.

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These are some of the ways by which you can prevent your eyes from getting damaged. If you have some more ideas, share them with us too.


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