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7 Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You’re Not Ready for Sex

The definition of love and relationships has changed with time. There was an era where having sex with someone before marriage was a big thing. Contrary to this, now pre-marital sex is no longer a taboo. In fact, sex is considered to be a crucial part of a romantic relationship.

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But all of us are different, right? We cannot keep every one of us in the same mould. There must be some of you who still need some time and comfortability to be physically intimate with your partner. That’s where conflict arises! But if you handle this situation maturely, there won’t be any need to argue. To help you out of this situation, here are some ways in which you can politely deny your partner for sex.

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1. Try to Drop Hints
When he tries to inch closer to you, politely move away. Hold his hand from touching you with a smile on your face. If a man is a gentleman and respects a woman, he will get your hints and ask you if you’re comfortable with

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2. Talk to Him
There isn’t a better way to communicate than talking. Straightforwardly tell him that you’re not ready to sleep with yet. Tell him that you need some time to get comfortable with it. Don’t be harsh in your tone that your partner feels dejected. Tell him that now is not the time yet.

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3. Kiss Him and Tell Him That You Will Save the Rest for the Next Time
If you’re okay with kissing, then only do this. Kiss him gently and assure him that you’re saving the rest for some time later. You still need some time to get naked before him. He will surely understand your situation if he’s not in for only sex.

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4. Tell Him Randomly
If you don’t get the chance to make him realise that you’re not ready for sex yet, then take a situation to tell him. For example, that your friend has slept with her boyfriends after only a few days of dating, if you might be at her place, you will need some time. Drop him a hint that you won’t like to be too fast to get into the bedroom.

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5. Stop When He Sexts
Drop a subtle message that you’re not comfortable yet to get such texts or your mind isn’t in the right frame.

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6. Make Him Realise the Importance of Mental Intimacy
Explain him the pleasure of making love after feeling close to your partner. Tell him that sex gets a lot better when two people are emotionally bound to each other. Ask him to let you first get used to slight touches, hugs, kisses and cuddling. Only then you’ll feel like moving to the next level.

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7. If He Keeps on Insisting, Distance Yourself!
If a man really loves you, he can wait for your consent. If he’s emotionally blackmailing you to get into the bed with him, then probably he’s there for some sex. You need a man, not a sex-toy!

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