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8 Accessories to Look Attractive This Wedding Season

Every woman wants to look beautiful during a wedding occasion. We all want to look our best amidst the crowd. But getting ready for a wedding in a mainstream style? No way! This is definitely not going to make you look no different than any other girl at the party. We do so much for our dress, shoes and makeup to look the best. But what about the hair? Just like your dress, your hair needs accessories as well.

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So scroll down the article and have a look what all hair accessories are in trend these days

1. Wedding Hair Clip
It serves the purpose of a traditional hair clip but the appearance is a little bit jazzed up. It looks good on the occasion of weddings and reception. You can add style to your hair with this jewelled hair clip. You can choose contrasting shades of clips with the dress you’re wearing.

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2. Hair Brooches
There are numerous hair accessories which can be worn by the bride as well the bridesmaids. You can make the hairstyle of your choice and just wear this brooch to make your updo more visible. Even if you don’t wear a stylish hairstyle, this brooch will add beauty to your hair.

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3. Ornamental Hair pins
Let your hair sparkle from a distance with these lovely hair pins. There are many beautiful hair pins available in the market with assorted rhinestones for shine. This makes your hair class apart. These hair pins are perfect for the times when you don’t want to tame your mane into an updo but at the same time want to make them special for the event. Stand out the crowd with these lovely pins while letting your mane flow with the air.

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4. Hanging Hair Pins
If you want to look traditional and classy at the same time, then look no further. This is the best for you. The beautiful designs in which they are available to make the heads turn for sure. Although it is hanging, but is very light to carry. If you’re going to wear a hair bun and don’t want to make your hair look flat, then this will be apt for you. If you keep your hair open, then this pin will hold your hair in place while the hanging will work like a traditional Jhoomar Chapka.

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5. Pearl Hair Clips
If you’re a girl in her 20s, then this would suit the best to you. It is a thin hairpin with embellished pearls. It can be used as a regular hairpin while the light embellishments make it a visual treat. You can decide your hairstyle first hand and then chose the hairpin accordingly. It can be worn with suits and sarees. A dress in colour white will go best with this hair clip.

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6. Vintage Bobby Pins
These metal bobby pins come in various styles and shapes. And the best part is, it suits every kind of dress, varying from traditional to western. Available in both silver and golden, it can be worn with a dress of any colour. If you want to look subtly beautiful, then this accessory is the best for you.

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7. Bohemian Headband
This is to those who want to look extraordinary and striking at an event. If you have an attire which is not so embellished, then you can make use of accessories to stand out. You can wear something indo-ethnic and try this headband to chic up your look. This looks best on the open and wavy hair. It looks no less than a tiara on a princess.

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8. Braid Jewellery (Jada Jewellery)
I simply love this one. This is the best wedding jewellery for brides, especially for the daytime function. A gold plated polka is loved by all Indian women. This is usually and exclusively for braids. You can try different types of braids if you want to experiment with your hairstyle.

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