8 Bollywood Stars and Their Amazing Furry Best Friends!

Everyone wants to cuddle. Even our Bollywood stars. No matter how hectic their schedules are, they always come back home to their pets. Wanna know who these lucky furry companions are? Scroll down to know whom your favourite stars snuggle to in bed!

1. Alia Bhatt and Pica
And Pica is only one of her felines family. There are a lot more than just one! Much love for cats.

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2. Anushka Sharma and Dude
Dogs are man’s best friend. But they are the best soulmate for women! Let’s hear this from Anushka herself.

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3. Jacqueline Fernandez and MiuMiu
Look what ball of fur she is! No, we’re not talking about Jacqueline, just look at the cloudy feline in her arms.

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4. Alia Bhatt and Her Another Cat
We don’t know much about Alia’s love for cats. Well, guesses are that they resemble very much to her own personality.

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5. Priyanka Chopra and Brandon
Oh! We’re sad to know about the lone time he would be spending when his lady love for out to shoot for ‘Baywatch’!

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6. Big B and Shanouk
Yes, you don’t know very much about the Bachchan Family if you miss out on Big B’s Piranha Dane, Shanouk.

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7. Salman Khan with Myjan
No one is unaware of Salman’s love for animals. He’s been having more than one dog, among which Myjan is his favourite.

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8. Yami Gautam with Polo
You can clearly see that from her smile how happy she is to have such a friend in her life!

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