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8 Effective Ways To Naturally Grow Your Hair Faster

Between work and personal life, it is becoming quite difficult to manage personal health better than completing other tasks. This article is especially for the ladies who desire to have long and healthy hair but have no idea about how to grow them naturally, without making too many efforts.
Of course, it is impossible to get an instant long hair, but there are many effective ways to increase the pace of your hair’s growth. The growth of your hair is determined by your genes and the hormones released in your body. All we can do is either manipulate the releasing of the hormones and the genes or adopt a different lifestyle that helps to get better skin, hair and body.

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Below are such 8 effective ways by which you can grow your hair naturally and make them soft and smooth as well.

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1. Trimming To The Rescue
You might have even told the same thing by your hair stylist multiple times, to get regular trimming every eight to ten weeks, for healthier and longer hair. Well, it’s true! The dirt and the sun damage your hair and causes split ends that become a hurdle in your hair growth, so getting a trim helps your hair to breathe and grow naturally.

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2. Make Conditioner Your Friend
After every wash, the tips of your hair are left unnourished and dry with shampoo, so it is important to give equal nourishment and care to your cuticles as much as your scalp. Conditioners helps the cuticles to seal in the moisture into the cuticle ends and prevents from further damage. This helps your hair grow longer and healthier.

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3. Relaxing Hot Oil Massages
Hot oil massage can be the perfect stress buster you’ve been looking for so long. Massages help your nerves sooth and calm that regulates the blood in that part and promotes the faster growth of your hair. Using coconut oil or lavender oil can be of much more help, and brings luster to your hair.

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4. Regular Brushing Every Night
It completely depends on the type of brush you are using to comb your hair because you might have heard it many times that brushing your hair too much can lead to hair fall. But that’s not always true! Using the right hair brush regulates the blood in your scalp that will ultimately lead to hair growth.

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5. Don’t Wrap Your Wet Hair In Towel
Many of us do this mistake of wrapping our wet hair in towels right after shampooing them which makes them even more vulnerable and weak, so they lose their natural state and start to fall off even more frequently. Avoiding to practice this habit will strengthen your hair and help them grow faster.

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6. Flipping Your Hair Upside Down
This might sound a little weird but it does actually work wonders for your hair. Flipping your hair upside down and keeping them this way for the next 3 minutes induces the blood circulation and promotes hair growth faster.

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7. Say Goodbye To Stress
Do we need to say that stress can have adverse effects on your health and body, so avoiding stress is the best thing you can do to your body. Avoiding stress is not only good for your body but it is good for your mind, skin and hair as well. Stress refrains the hair growth and induces many skin problems but you can get rid of stress by meditation or yoga or many other breathing exercises.

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8. Using Egg Mask
We couldn’t think of anything better than an egg for nourishing your hair and improving their texture. As we all know that eggs are loaded with lots and lots of protein and protein is good for hair growth and nourishment.

Simply mix one egg with one teaspoon of olive oil and apply it on your scalp. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Then, wash off well with a good shampoo and don’t forget to apply conditioner later.

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