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8 Effectively Useful Tips To Overcome Split Ends

One of the biggest enemies which can make your hair look dull, dry, frizzy and may also cause hair breakage are the dreaded split ends. When the outer protective layer of the hair gets wear off due to the external factors such as styling, pollution, etc. split ends may occur. Split ends cannot be cured and need to be removed in order to prevent the hair from further damage. Though the best way is to prevent the split ends from occurring.

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In this article, we are going to share with you some extremely simple and effective ways to prevent split ends

1. Wide toothed comb- When you are in the shower washing your hair, post conditioner application, run a wide-toothed comb along your hair lengths to get rid of all the knots and tangles. This will prevent your hair from further breakage when you will brush them once they are dry. Also, you can use a tangle teaser or a wet brush to avoid breakage while brushing wet hair.

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2. Restrict the use of heat- Using heat on your hair too often can lead to split ends. It doesn’t matter how strong your hair may be but regular exposure to heat can leave them dry, brittle and frizzy. The best way to prevent split ends is by restricting the use of hot tools as much as possible and when you decide to use heat on them make sure to use a good quality heat protectant on your hair especially on the ends. Also, stick to only good quality tools which cause less damage while styling your hair.

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3. Be gentle- Hair is referred as the crowning glory for a reason. A healthy, silky and shiny mane is no less than a crown bejewelled with precious stones and thus, it is important to take extra care of it. Avoid tugging or pulling your hair too much, especially when they are wet. Tight hair styles which pull your hair too much are also a big no-no.

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4. Take supplements- What you eat has a lot of effect on the way you appear on the outside. Your hair strands are made of protein and two of the most important nutrients which play a very crucial role in the growth of healthy and thick hair are biotin and folic acid in general.
The folic acid helps in the production of red blood cells, which aids in the growth of hair. Oranges, green leafy vegetables, wheat and soybeans are a great natural source of folic acid. On the other hand, biotin helps in strengthening both hair and nails. Rich sources of biotin include peas, sunflower, walnuts, lentils and brown rice.

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5. Use a leave in conditioner- If you want to avoid the chances of getting split ends, then using conditioner just in the shower is not enough. You must use a leave in conditioner especially on the ends of your hair. The leave in conditioner will coat your hair and protect them from the external damage caused by pollution, styling, etc.

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6. Blow dry the right way- The correct way to blow dry your hair without damaging it is by holding it in such a way so as to direct the air in a downward motion on your hair. This way your hair cuticles get sealed in the right direction and the chances of getting split ends reduces. But again, it is better to let your hair air dry to minimize the damage. Once your hair is 90% dry you can use a blow dryer and a round comb to give it a finishing touch.

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7. Limit hair treatments- Hair treatments like rebonding, perming, hair colouring or highlighting can lead to severe damage to your hair as well as split ends. Thus, it is better to avoid or limit these treatments as much as possible. Not only this will save your hair from all the horror, but you will save a lot of money as well. But if you decide to get any of these hair treatments done then make sure to take extra care of your hair as your hair are now more prone to damage as well as split ends.

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8. Go for regular trims- Getting your hair trimmed at regular intervals is one of the most efficient ways to keep split ends at bay. It is advisable to get your hair trimmed every three months, but that is not necessary. The best time to get your hair trimmed is when you start to notice some split ends otherwise there is no need to cut your hair. You can also trim your hair at home with this simple method. Comb your hair so that there are no tangles and knots in your hair. Start by separating 1-inch sections of your hair. Start twisting the section till it starts looking like a rope. Now take a sharp pair of scissors and start cutting the flyways that you see, along with some of the ends. Repeat these steps till all the hair are done.

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