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Most of us assume that cleansing is such a basic task that it can be accomplished without even paying much attention to it. Of course, it can. But cleansing is not just an act of cleanser and water. The old school manner of splashing water and then scrubbing, won’t do the trick. Choosing the right soap free cleanser allows the skin to absorb moisturizing and other beauty products with much efficacy. The rules have changed. Just the normal ritual of soap and water won’t give you the benefits of cleansing. So here are the NEW rules of washing your face in the right way.

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Myth 1: Face Wash is just Enough

Cleansing your face is not a one-step process, it’s rather a two-step process. It is advised to remove your makeup before going to bed. Many of us mistake it for washing their face with a cleanser just before going to bed. But do you think that this is going to the trick?? Facial cleansers are not completely successful in removing the traces of makeup that are left on our face even after washing our face. The concealers and primers around the eyes are usually left as it is after washing. So what you need is an oil-based cream or an emollient lip to dissolve that stubborn makeup around that unreachable corner of your face. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Avoid extreme hot or cold water. Dab your face with a damp washcloth. And that’s it!


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Myth 2: You Need to Wash Your Face Twice a Day

You can’t designate a number as to how many times a person need to wash his/her face in a day. It depends completely on the type of the skin an individual is having. Even over washing of face can lead to irritation and over dryness. Here you can use your common sense. Wash your face only when you think when your face is overexposed to the pollutants and dirt for a while. Wash your face post workout as it is the time when our face is more subjected to dirt and sweat. For very dry and sensitive skin, wash your face only once before going to bed.


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Myth 3: Close Your Pores

You must have heard about that CTM method to healthy skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturising. But do you know the toner you’ve been using for so long might be the reason why your skin have grown itchy? The toner that is usually available in the market is laden with alcohol which is too harsh for our skin. Plus, people who go for hot and cold water treatment for their skin, doesn’t know that they are doing more harm to their skin, than good. Extreme hot water can cause rosacea and redness. And extreme cold water damage the capillaries in our face. Taking mild steam every once in a while is the best way to soften the hardened sebum in our pores. For better circulation, go for workout routines, rather than facial massages.

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Myth 4: Buy the Cleanser Which Suits Your Skin

The fact is no matter what kind of skin you have, varying from very dry to very oily, using a face wash that contains harmful chemicals like fragrance, parabens or harsh surfactants. Choose a cleanser that suits your bills and that doesn’t contain any of these harmful chemicals. No matter what type of skin you’re having. These chemicals do no good to any kind of skin. People with dry skin should prefer the cleansers with more moisturizers, like Shea butter while people with oily skin should prefer cleansers with lemon and honey which leaves the skin feeling very clean.


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Myth 5: You Should Scrub Your Skin More Often

Rather than using grainy scrubs which over-abrasive for our delicate skin, use salicylic acid or glycolic acid cleansers which are a gentler substitute over grainy scrubs. Plus, both of the ingredients offer awesome anti-ageing benefits and help keep acne at the bay. Scrub your face using these exfoliants at least twice a week or adjust the frequency on the requirements of your skin.

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Myth 6: Don’t Skip Toner!

Do you know how much alcohol does your normal toner consist? And what does that alcohol to your pretty face? Alcohol strips off natural oils from your skin. However, the gentle and natural toners give a calm and soothing feeling to the skin and balances the pH of the skin. However if you’re using the right cleanser, you can skip this step. But if you really want to use the toner anyway, choose the one with much gentler ingredients.

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Myth 7: Brushing Your Skin Would Give It a Healthy Glow

People nowadays are over obsessing over Clarisonic’s new acne cleansing brush. But little do they know too much exfoliation can cause inflammation. Though brushes are less aggravating than your conventional scrubs are, but using them every night before going to bed isn’t a good idea either. If you’re using retinoids and salicylic acid, it is better to use brushes but sparingly. Plus, keep your free from bacteria but washing it often. Replace the brush every three months.

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Myth 8: You Need to Spend Heavy Bucks for Good Skin

people have this strange feeling that you need to spend heavy bucks on expensive products for a healthier looking. But you can use pocket-friendly ways to cut short on your cosmetic expenses. Instead of washing off retinol and antioxidants after few minutes, let it stay on your skin overnight. Save your bucks on your pricey ingredients.

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