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In winters. Having a chapped lip is so common, isn’t it? Well, I think it is. This pale dry weather creates a very thick cracked lining on the lips that looks so lunatic. Girls! You need something better for it, after all you don’t want to look pale and sapped just because of your lips that is supposed to be smooth and pink but it’s ending up becoming black and dry. Keeping this in mind let’s check some of the ace and satisfying lip balms which are useful in healing chapped lips.

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Let us start with the most commonly used lip balm…

Maybelline- Baby lips

Baby lips!! It is a lip balm brand that is mostly used by girls. Each and every purse or handbag has this product in it. The best thing about it, that it is available in different flavours and colours which directly attracts every girl in loads of amount. The second thing is the goodwill of this brand and at last the third thing is, it contains butter and SPF 20. So these are some of the genuine advantages about this lip balm.

Maybelline Baby LipsImage Source:http://vanityrouge.com/

Nivea lip balm-Med protection

This lip balm is also used by many of the trusted consumers. After all Nivea is a huge brand. It has goodness of bisabolol that is famous for its lip repairing formula. It comes with SPF 15 keeping your lips very light for long time.

Nivea-lip-careImage Source:http://i810.photobucket.com/

The body shop-Vitamin E lip care

This brand is also very trusted in and outside India both. It basically comes in four varieties that soothes and hydrates your lips to its best. Its price is also very reasonable which a treat is again for the consumers.

vitamin e lip careImage Source:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-

Lotus lip balm

I have often used this lip balm and it has a very good flavour as well as lip healing property. There are few of the variants in this as well, so you must go for one for sure!!

lotus lip bamImage Source:http://img5a.flixcart.com/

EOS lip balm

This one is a bit expensive but its refreshing flavour and the shape of the lip balm case will make you say wow!! You must check it for yourselves.

Eos Lip BalmImage Source:http://www.larmoiredelana.com/

VLCC lip balm

VLCC is again a known brand which has active ingredient as well as SPF 15 which creates a protective layer on the lips making it soft and velvety.

VLCC  Lip BalmImage Source:http://4.bp.blogspot.com/


This is also an unknown brand but has a natural element in it like the aloe vera, tea tree oil and more. You can go for this brand because I think it’s better than the ayurvedic piece.

biotec lip balmImage Source:http://4.bp.blogspot.com/

Burt’s Bees

It gives a natural kick to your lips making it soft and supple. Its key ingredients are Shea butter and tea tree oil. There are coconut oil and bees wax as well in this.

Burts Bees Refreshing lip balmImage Source:http://thenotice.net/

So these were some of the lip balm brands. That has its own value and essential properties, do take an overall recap so that you can decide for the best one for yourself!


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