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8 Reasons You Feel Tired All Day Long

Getting a good night’s sleep has a lot to do with all how you feel throughout the day. So when you feel tired you probably know that reason behind it is insufficient sleep. But not a lot of people are aware of the fact that there are several other factors which are making you feel sluggish and lethargic all day long.

We have made a compilation of some of the factors that silently affect your body thus making you feel tired all day long.

1. Dehydration- We are so busy in our lives that we even forget to drink water, which such an important element of a healthy life. This leads to dehydration, which is one of the possible reasons for unexplained tiredness. According to studies, dehydration may lead to tiredness. The reason being that when the body is dehydrated the volume of the blood gets reduced, thus slowing down the speed at which the essential nutrients and oxygen reaches the body.

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2. Iron deficiency- Continuous tiredness can also be the side effect of iron deficiency. The reason behind it is just the same as mentioned in the first point. Iron deficiency means that improper amount of oxygen being transferred to the cells and tissues. Severe iron deficiency may lead to anaemia, but thankfully there are several food options that can easily fulfill the deficiency with regular consumption.

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3. Skipping breakfast- Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and has a solid reason behind it. A filling breakfast kick starts your metabolism and gets you all pumped up for the day. Skipping breakfast means that you are going to feel lethargic all day long. A perfect breakfast must comprise of all the essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

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4. Missing workout sessions- People have this misconception that working out will make you feel tired when it is the complete opposite. When you exercise a lot of feel good hormones are released which make you feel energetic all day long. So make it a habit of doing some exercises every morning.

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5. Too much workload- If you are constantly stressing about your targets or assignments or spending too much time on your laptop making presentations then you are ought to feel tired. It is good to work hard in order to achieve your future goals, but stressing too much about it can make your life very miserable. Try to set realistic goals which are achievable and won’t take a toll on your health.

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6. Drinking before bedtime- Having a glass of wine might seem like a great idea before retiring to bed, but it can seriously disturb your sleeping pattern to a great extent. Gulping alcohol before your bedtime can upsurge your adrenaline to a great level, making it difficult for you to sleep. The next day you are going to feel extremely tired due to lack of sleep.

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7. Spending too much time on the phone- Are you always doing something or the other on your phone? Do you have this continuous urge of checking your phone without any reason? If yes, then this might be the reason for you, feel tired constantly. Spending too much time on your phone or electronic gadgets can throw your system off the track and may disturb your sleep making you feel tired all the time.

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8. Caffeine- For a majority of people caffeine works very similarly to an alarm clock, it wakes them up. But too much caffeine can just do the opposite by making you feel lethargic and tired throughout the day. It can also disrupt the sleeping pattern, so be careful with the number of cups you gulp down throughout the day.

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