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8 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Spectacle Marks!

Do you like a school going nerd because you wear spectacles? And when you remove those spectacles people look at you with a different perspective? This changed perspective is due to the fact you’re your eyes look a little bigger in spectacles and when you remove them off, it seems to shrink in its size. Plus, there’s another reason too. Those who wear prescription glasses from day to night, they develop glasses marks on their nose and even under their eyes. So if you’re someone who can’t see without glasses, you’re probable of having those spectacle marks too. Does it make you are not wanting to remove the spects at any time? Or can you do something promptly to deal with it? So keep reading!

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Wearing heavy or tight eyewear can lead to permanent marks on your nose and the under eyes. With long term usage, these marks tend to deepen and get dark with time. So, to prevent those ugly looking marks on your face, go for the eyewear whose frames are made up of the soft and light framework and the ones which are not too tight for your face.

Spectacles are your constant companion, considering you wear them all the time. They are your two little windows to the world. Are these windows too heavy?

How to get rid of Those Marks?

Whenever you find it convenient, remove your spectacle for some time and massage the region of your nose which has been pressured by the grip of your specs. Also, indulge in some home remedies and ingredients to diminish the scars to a great extent.

1. Apply Some Aloe Vera

Extract the natural juice from the plant itself or you can purchase a cosmetic aloe vera gel which is available in every drug store nowadays. Massage this gel around your eyes with your fingertips and wash it off with the cold water. Aloe Vera gel works wondrously on scars.

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2. Use Raw Potatoes

Not just for cooking, potatoes have been used as an excellent remedy for lightening the dark areas of our skin since ages. Use grated or sliced potatoes to draw out the juice of it. Apply the juice over the darkened areas with a cotton swab and leave it as such for at least 15 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water.

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3. Cucumber Slices on the Eyes

This is the oldest and the most conventional form of home remedy that has been used to treat dark circles and puffy eyes. Put freshly cut cucumber slices on your eyes and leave it as such for at least 15 minutes. You can also use the cucumber juice by grating the cucumber and extracting the juice of it. This will do the trick over the time.

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4. Lemons at the Rescue

As you’ve used cucumber juice for lightening the scars, you can make use of lemon juice in a similar manner. Dab a cotton ball in diluted lemon juice. Apply this lemony solution over the affected areas and leave it for few minutes. After it dries up, rinse it using cold water.

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5. Rose Water for Your Eyes

Rose water has long been used as an excellent natural skin toner. You can bring it up for your own advantage. Dip a cotton swab in rose water and dab the liquid gently on you affected areas. Rinse it off after few minutes. You can also use rose water as your regular toner.

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6. Pour Some Honey

Mix equal amounts of honey and milk in a bowl and add some oats to it. Apply this magic potion on your darkened areas and wash it off after 15-20 minutes. Both milk and honey have excellent healing properties.

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7. Use Orange Peels

Orange peels contain good amounts of vitamin C which is an excellent healer for the skin. Dry and then grind the orange peel to make a fine powder out of it. Apply the paste over the affected areas and leave it as such for 15 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

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8. Give Yourself a Massage

Massage your darkened areas with almond oil as it is best known for lightening those difficult darkened marks. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which is responsible for boosting our skin’s healing capabilities. So have fun with these quick and easy home remedies!

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