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9 Things To Avoid After Getting A C-Section

Nothing could be more empowering than bringing a new life into existence and it is women who are bestowed with this divine blessing to do so. But along with that, childbirth involves way too many hardships not only during but even after the pregnancy. During these nine months, the body of a woman undergoes a lot of changes along with the mental and emotional ones.

There are two ways in which a baby can be delivered, the normal delivery and the C-section. Mostly the lifestyle is to be blamed, but a lot of women these days have to undergo a C-section at the time of their delivery.

After getting a C-Section it is very important for the mother to take extra care of herself along with proper rest. Apart from this, there are certain don’ts that the new mother must keep in mind always.

1. Putting too much pressure on your abdomen- Women who have had a C-section is advisable not to put too much pressure on their abdomen or stitches might get sore, swelled or even tear up. Thus, it is better to avoid doing anything which will exert too much pressure on your abdomen.

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2. No workout- Workouts of any sort are a big no-no for at least a few months if you have had a baby through C-section. While working out, by all means you are going to put extra pressure on your abdomen, which increases the chances of getting your stitches stretched or torn.

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3. Drink lots of water- This is a crucial one for almost all new mothers out there. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of fluid as this will ensure the proper functioning of the body. But for women with C-Section, it gets even more important because in this case women often experience constipation, which can only be resolved by drinking a lot of water and eating fibre rich food.

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4. Avoid stairs- Using the stairs too can complicate things. Moving up and down on the stairs may exert pressure on your abdomen, which can make the stitches sore or may even lead to bleeding. So make sure to avoid stairs as much as possible.

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5. Say no to sex- After getting a C-section it is advisable not to indulge in sex for at least 2 months. Doing so may lead to complications so a better option is to avoid it.

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6. Take care of your health- Make sure to stay safe from cold and cough. Not only it can affect the health of the new-born, but it is also going to cause you a lot of pain. Whenever you are going to cough or sneeze you are going to feel pain in your wound and it can be really bad. So it is better to be safe while avoiding unnecessary pain.

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7. Avoid oily and spicy food- For a faster recovery, it is always best to stick to a healthy diet and eating options. Oily and spicy food items are not going to do any good for your body and will make you feel bloated and sick. So make sure to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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8. Avoid long showers- For women with C-section long showers may become the reason for infections on your wound. So make sure to spend a limited amount of time in the shower and pat it dry so that there is no moisture in the wound.

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9. Steer clear of fever- Avoid meeting people who are sick or infected with any communicable disease. If you are feeling sick or have fever make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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