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9 Ways to Stop Yourself from Biting Nails

Nail biting is an embarrassing habit. You eat your own nails to the roots, till there is no scope left. And this habit is not so uncommon. Every person has this hidden habits of munching on their own nails while thinking. Nail biting represents anxiety. It can be triggered off by any factor like boredom, anxiety, stress, anger, etc. So here are some fool-proof ways to give up on this bad habit of yours.

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1. Use Nail Biting Polish
They are different from the conventional nail paints as they are bitter in taste. They are specially formulated in such manner to stop you from snacking on your nails. This is sort of a remedial discouragement. You can find this nail paint online or at any medical store.

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2. Dip Your Fingers in a Bowl of Bitter Gourd Juice
Who doesn’t hate bitter gourd? Dip your fingers in a bowl full of bitter gourd juice. Let it dry and don’t wash your hands. The taste of the bitter gourd juice on your nails will discourage you from biting your nails anymore.

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3. Distract Yourself
When you feel like biting your nails, distract yourself and make yourself with busy with anything productive. Play a Rubik cube or a crossword, just anything that will keep your hands off your mouth.

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4. Chew a Gum
When your mouth will already be engaged in something else, it will not draw your hands towards itself anymore. Chew mints or sweet lozenges to give your jaws some engagement.

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5. Offer Yourself a Reward
Pat your back every time you’re able to go a week or two without nibbling on your nails. Say to yourself that you’re going to have a brand new watch if you’ll spare your nails for a month.

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6. Get a Pretty Manicure
Get yourself a pretty manicure. You will not feel good while sabotaging such a beautiful manicure. You will try to retain it as longer as you can.

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7. File the Chipped Nail
Don’t try to act like a nail cutter. Keep a nail filer or a nail cutter at your disposal. When you chip a nail, you feel the urge to bite it off. Instead of biting it off and de-shaping it further, file it back into the shape.

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8. Keep Your Nails Short
Keep your nails short but well-shaped. This way your teeth will not find enough room to nibble on your nails. You cannot bite off something that’s hardly there.

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9. Use Stick-On Nails
This way you will be able to keep your eyes off your nails. It will prevent you from chewing your nails. The synthetic nails are, on the other hand, thicker than your original nails. It is difficult to bite them off.

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So, where there is a will, there is a way. Make your mind to drop this bad habit, and you’re halfway there.

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