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Actresses Who Have Vanished from Bollywood

Bollywood has a lot of twist and trail in its blood like that this topic goes on. Well there are various actresses who come and go with time. Some opt to leave the industry due to some personal reason and some stay over there for endless anecdote. People have loads of experiences meeting different people and with time they understand in which way they have to go. As you can see there are a lot of actresses who have said goodbye to the Bollywood industry, they have not left any as such clue for us to find them out.

Here are few of the names that are very interesting to listen:


MandakiniImage Source:http://www.newsaajtak.in/

-Kimi Katkar

kimi katakrImage Source:http://www.wallpaperbasti.com/

-Somy Ali

somy aliImage Source:http://www.empoweringwomennow.com/

-Ayesha Jhulka

ayesha-jhulkaImage Source:http://chiloka.com/

-Kirti Reddy

kirti-reddyImage Source:http://www.desktopdress.com/

-Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree-DattaImage Source:http://paksmile.com/

-Koena Mitra

koina mitraImage Source:http://media.apunkachoice.com/

-Kim Sharma

kim sharmaImage Source:http://images7.alphacoders.com/

And many more which makes us shock in a bit. There is not only one reason but various reasons that are secluded in this be it the social reasons or the personal ones. These heroines have done with only one or two movies that are not so hit but some did great in the theatres. But anyways they moved on because they were not able to succeed to that extent to which the other actresses did. There were no as such break or scripts provided to them that could bring them back.

They have rather started working for something else be it some charity or a political party. They basically don’t want to get involved in this anymore. The hilarious one was when Tanushree Dutta was found on a remote area dressed up like a priest.

tanushriImage Source:/img/x84mpsu7

Actresses have a tendency to judge things but in a better way either. These things create a rift and they are out. Maybe they want to do something for themselves or they are all satisfied with their fame.

Basically it’s all about different choices people have. When there is no other as such way you have to opt for a simple thing and this is a subject that is very in on page 3 pages. Actresses don’t shed so fast as well as don’t disclose the facts that they have undergone through.

You can only see partially about the things that have passed on in every heroine’s life.


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