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Apply Perfume on These 5 Spots to Smell Good All Day Long!

A nice fragrance is an instant lift to the mood, for the one who wears it and for the ones who pass by. Body odour is the biggest turn off for one’s impression. Most of the people always struggle to make their favourite perfume last on their body. What is the point of splurging hordes of money on perfumes if they don’t last for long. Thus, they end up applying the perfume repeatedly with each passing hour. But you don’t have to take so much pain to make your scent last longer. Here are some 5 magical spots which can make your perfume last longer than usual. Start taking notes already.

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1. Hair
Perfume have a higher affinity for fibres. Our hair is one of them. But this doesn’t mean that you must spray the perfume directly on your mane. The alcohol content in the perfume can damage your strands. Instead, spray the perfume on your comb and then brush your hair with it.

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2. Inner Sides of Elbow
Our wrist is the commonest place where we prefer to spritz our favourite perfume. But do you know that the inner side of your elbow is a better place to apply perfume at? The inner side of your elbow is a pulse point. The places, where our skin is closest to our blood vessels, emanate heat. This helps the perfume being projected from your skin in the air.

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3. Behind the Top of Your Ears
Most of the people apply the perfume behind their earlobes. But spraying the perfume behind the top of your ears can certainly be better than the ear lobes. This spot behind the top of your ear lobes is oilier than the rest of your skin. This helps to hold your perfume for the longer time. When a person hugs you, he can smell the whiff of your scent instantly.

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4. Behind the Knees
People wonder how can a spot as low as the knees be able to hold the perfume for long. But do you remember, by the law of convection, that the heat rises in the air? The fragrance is propagated in your blood through the warmth of your skin. You will keep smelling flowery throughout the day.

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5. Belly Button
This is the best spot to apply your perfume at. Your belly button releases a lot of heat throughout the day. Heat is the perfect medium of conduction for a perfume. When you apply perfume in your belly button, it will be radiated throughout your body in the blood stream.

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Some Additional Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

  1.  Do not rub the perfume after application. Rubbing can destroy the delicate composition of perfume.
  2.  If your perfume is too strong for your requirement, then spray some perfume in the air and walk through it.
  3.  Don’t spray perfumes on your clothes. Spray them on your skin.
  4.  Do not buy perfume without testing it on yourself.
  5.  Choose a perfume depending on your lifestyle. If you perspire a lot, choose a perfume with the stronger notes.

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