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Be Careful About These 7 Things If You’re Dating a Divorcee!

When it comes to relationships, our society never fails to put labels. And they find it OKAY to judge people based on their romantic alliances. If a person is single, he’s difficult to be with; if he’s a monogamist, he’s too boring. You’ll be almost immediately labelled as a ‘Damaged Good’ if you’re a divorcee. Once you’re a divorcee, this label is going to follow you throughout the life. But please note that none of the above-mentioned labels is a fair description. Nobody should be judged by his romantic alliance.

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If you’re dating such a person who has gone through a divorce, you must be careful. Don’t judge the person for the fact that he’s divorced. But it is equally true that a broken marriage has its own bearings. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about divorcees and keep these things in mind while dating them.

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They Don’t Need You, They WANT You.
One thing you should know for sure that they are not needy of a companionship. They’ve been in love before and they were married before. They know how to handle themselves on their own. Thus, they don’t need you or anyone. They’re with you just because they want to. A relationship with such an independent person requires even deeper understanding.

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They’re Not Going to Tolerate Any Bullshit
They are in a zone right now where they cannot take up any more nonsense in their life. They will smell your insecurities even before you let them out. They don’t have time for any negative feeling. They need someone who’ll make their life better and not complicated. They cannot stand the risk of another failed relationship. Create a pointless drama in their life, and you won’t be welcomed.

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There Will Be an Equal Alliance
You will be treated equally in everything whether we’re talking about household chores or finances. You should be neither too laid back nor too controlling.

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Keep the Love Alive
Love is the only thing they’ve been craving for. Love can be a respite for them as raindrops are to the parched earth. They are only dating for love and nothing else. They have a social circle and they don’t seek social validation anymore. Sex? maybe, but there are other means as well. So, it is ruled out as well. A good morning text can remind them how loved they are. Ask them how their day has been. Perhaps, this is something that happened to them for a while. Give them what they’ve been deprived of- Love.

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You’ll Not be the Most Important Person in Their Life
When you go through a bad relationship, you learn a brutal fact of the world. You cannot make a single relationship the reason of your existence. Once the reason is snatched away, the existence will be rendered meaningless. They know this truth; hence they pay equal importance to other relationships as well. They are not among those who will hold their new lover at a paramount.

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Don’t make the mistake of playing the mind games with the one who has already gone through a lot. He’s no teenage lover. Be clear what you need from him or just lay your cards down on the table. They don’t have enough endurance to go through another bout of mind games and playing cool attitude.

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Go Slow
Don’t try to haste the relationship into something. Go slow. Get to know him and let him know you as well. Enjoy the time you’re together rather than trying to put a ring on it.

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