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coriander leaves for beautiful skin

BEAUTY SECRET: Use Coriander Leaves To Get Glowing Skin

Have you ever wondered that the green leafy thing that you use to garnish your dish, can actually help you to get a glowing skin? Yes, you heard it right. Coriander leaves which is commonly known as “Hara dhaniya” can help you get a glowing and flawless skin.

In earlier times, coriander leaves were traditionally used in making oils and perfumes. The fresh aroma of the can makes anyone feel revived. It has a rich content of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene which makes your skin supple and soft.

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Here are the four best ways to use coriander for glowing and flawless skin:

1. Coriander and Aloe Vera Face pack

Coriander and Aloe Vera Face pack

Try the combination of fresh coriander leaves and aloe vera gel to get rid of wrinkles and early signs of aging.

2. Coriander with lemon juice

Coriander with lemon juiceImage Source: 

This combination works best for acne prone skin. Just take an equal amount of coriander leaves and lemon juice in a bowl and apply it on the affected area and see the magic of coriander.

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3. Coriander with rice powder and yoghurt

Coriander with rice powder and yoghurt

This face mask makes your skin refreshed. Just take an equal amount of coriander leaves, yoghurt and rice powder and apply it on your face and leave it till it gets dry.

4. Coriander mask

Coriander maskImage Source: 

For this mask, first, you need to bring coriander leaves and then mix it with milk, honey and lemon juice and form a paste and then apply as a mask till it gets dry. This mask will later make your skin glowing.

So, these were the few best ways to use coriander to get a glowing and flawless skin.

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