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Beauty Sleep Tips – 5 Super Cool Ways to Get Prettier in your Sleep

“Beauty Sleep” is as an accurate term, it is justified. Its generally believed that time consumed sleeping is time lost! but actually its the time spent to freshen up your beauty- beauty sleep!

While you sleep, your body is going through some of the most natural and most important processes that can even outweigh the benefits accorded by your daytime beauty schedules. While we all may know that a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep is essential for a healthy adult, some of you might be unaware of the beauty benefits that it furnishes. In this article we are going to discuss just how to get prettier in your sleep.

Beauty Sleep Tips - 5 Super Cool Ways to Get Prettier in your Sleep

Beauty Benefits of a Sleep!!
Thus, if you want to look younger and more beautiful during daytime, its high-time you adopt these super-cool night-time habits:

  • Sleep on Your Back: One can prevent the onset of wrinkles to a great extent by sleeping on their back. Experts suggests “Repeated pressure on the skin over to one side can cause creasing and eventually lead to setting in of wrinkle lines.” But if you wake up with puffy eyes, try taking in an extra pillow below your head. Puffy eyes are caused by gathering of fluid around the eyes when you lay flat. Thus, take another pillow if that be the case.


  • Avoid Super-Salty Foods and Booze during Bedtime: Both super-salty foods and alcohol are great agents that cause dehydration. Since they lead to draining of fluids from the body, it tries to compensate the same by collecting natural fluids around the eyes which leads to a puffy look. Thus, avoid indulging in chips or alcohol when you near the bedtime.
  • Go to Bed with a Clean Face: Many people are in the habit of taking their makeup to sleep and then complain waking up with that early morning grime on their faces. Moreover, not taking the make-up off during the sleep leads to clogged pores, which may cause acne or lead to skin break-outs. Thus, make a habit of cleansing your face completely before you hit bed.
  • Moisturize: Moisturizing before going to bed will make you wake up with a fresh, dewy skin in the morning. It also leads you to retain more water and helps in smoothing out wrinkles. Make a point to always put on your lip balm, lash conditioner and nightly beauty cream. All these help the repair cycle of the skin which works at night.
  • Sleep with Humidifier On: You may be drinking lots of water to keep your skin soft and supple during the day. But since you are not doing so during the night, its important to turn your humidifier on to keep you hydrated. This is especially applicable during winters when the skin tends to be much dry.


You might not have been taking these things seriously until now.. but no more.. your beauty and your sleep both are important to look prettier… so what will you prefer.. waking up for no reason, or dozing off… beauty awaits!
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